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2014 Burger Beast Burgie Awards


The 5th Annual Burger Beast Burgie Awards returned the event to Downtown Ft. Lauderdale on Saturday February 1st, 2014. This Burgie Awards featured 25 Food Trucks as well as live music (Los Bastardos Magnificos, The Osceola Brothers Band), DJs ( AfroBeta, Pinchadiscos 305) and Live Art.

The 2014 Burger Beast Burgie Award Winners:

Best Dade County Burger: Latin House Burger & Taco Bar
Best Broward/Palm Beach Burger: Charm City Burger Company
Best Chef: George Patti – MEAT Eatery & Taproom
Best Chili: Burger Bar
Best Dessert: Fireman Derek’s World Famous Pies
Food Truck Invasion – Best Dessert Truck: HipPOPs Handcrafted Gelato Bars
Best Doughnut: Mojo Donuts
Food Truck Invasion – Best Food Truck Dade County: Ms. Cheezious
Food Truck Invasion – Best Food Truck Broward/Palm Beach County: The Rolling Stove
JM Lexus People’s Choice Food Truck: BC Tacos
Best French Fries: Blue Collar
Best Non-Traditional Burger: Toston Burger – Pincho Factory
Best Restaurant: Blue Collar
Best Sandwich: Pan con Bistec – Cuban Guys
Best Sausage: Proper Sausages

2014 Burgie Awards Video:

2014 Burgie Awards Pictures:

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