Federal Donuts & Dizengoff in Wynwood, Florida

In early July 2017, chef Michael Solomonov (James Beard winner) opened a Federal Donuts location in Wynwood. At the time, all of the other locations were in the Philadelphia area.

The menu’s hot and fresh donuts (tossed in strawberry lavender, cinnamon brown sugar & cookies ‘n cream) were cooked on the spot. The fancy donuts rotated daily and were made early in the morning aka will run out. Those flavors were black & white, blueberry mascarpone, chocolate éclair, guava poppy, lemon meringue, and strawberry shortcake.

At 11 AM, the rest of the menu would click in high gear when the fried chicken became available. The half or whole fried chicken (dry, naked, or wet) could be customized with glazes like chili garlic and a few dry toppings (buttermilk ranch and coconut curry).

The fried chicken sandwich with thick pickles, a spicy sauce, and American cheese on a Martin’s potato roll was more my speed. The American cheese threw me for a loop, always cheddar seemed like a better option. I did love it though.

Federal Donuts in Wynwood Food Pictures

Hot & Fresh Federal Donuts
Hot & Fresh Donuts
Box of Fancy Donuts
Box of Fancy Donuts
Guava Poppy Donuts
Guava Poppy Donuts
Federal Donut Chicken Sandwich
Federal Donuts Chicken Sandwich

Dizengoff in Wynwood

A few weeks later, Michael’s hummusiya Dizengoff debuted right next door. The food was totally out of my wheelhouse but Marcela loved it.

And unfortunately, like many businesses who try to make it a go in Miami, Federal Donuts and Dizengoff didn’t receive enough support to stay open. Both locations closed abruptly in early March 2018.

Dizengoff in Wynwood Food Pictures

Dizengoff in Wynwood, Florida
Dizengoff in Wynwood, Florida
DizenGoff Hummus Tehina
Hummus Tehina
Roasted Cauliflower
Dizengoff Roasted Cauliflower
Israeli Salad
Israeli Salad

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