The Fish House in Miami, Florida

The Fish House (10000 SW 56th St, Miami)…..that’s right, a seafood place. How did I end up here? Let me explain cause it’s a great question.

Months ago, someone mentioned to me on Instagram that there was a seafood spot I needed to check out located in the gray area between Westchester and Kendall. This restaurant was notable since it has a Pat LaFrieda beef burger.

It’s not exactly easy to find that in South Florida; the last time I remember having one was at the OTC restaurant (gone too soon) a few years back.

I’m not a big seafood fella, but I will give it a go if it’s fresh. The only seafood restaurant I frequent with any regularity is La Camaronera.

The First Time is a Charm

I love me a great Lobster Bisque, and make no bones about it; this one is excellent. Since I was still dipping my toes, I also went the buffalo shrimp route which went perfect with an ice-cold beer. They’ve also got a great selection of local craft beer while we’re on that subject.

The house burger is served on a pretzel roll with the usual suspects (lettuce, tomato & onion), which I remove but not before I snap a picture for my burger photo album. I added cheese, but that shouldn’t be surprising.

I would never have thought I’d find this great burger in a seafood restaurant in a million years. A mango cheesecake puts the cherry on top.

I’m full, happy, and impressed. I’ll be back, I say to myself………

Visit 1 Pics

The Lobster Bisque from The Fish House in Miami, Florida
The Lobster Bisque
Buffalo Shrimp from The Fish House in Miami, Florida
Buffalo Shrimp
The House Burger from The Fish House in Miami, Florida
BEFORE: The House Burger (Pat La Frieda Blend) w/Cheese & too much green stuff
The House Burger (Pat LaFrieda Blend) w/Cheese
The House Burger (Pat LaFrieda Blend) w/Cheese
Mango Cheesecake from The Fish House in Miami, Florida
Mango Cheesecake

A Return to the Fish House with Backup

It’s a mid-week afternoon, and I’m thinkin’ my Pops should be home soon. I also texted Fred to see if he was in the vicinity. The next thing I know, I’m meeting my parents and the Fredster at the Fish House.

We had a brief conversation about what I enjoyed last time. There is no method to the madness of the ordering that happens next.

The appetizer order looked like this: a cup of lobster bisque, fish croquetas, buffalo shrimp, 20 chicken wings in hot sauce, bacon-wrapped scallops, and broiled oysters w/parmesan cheese & garlic butter.

I don’t have one bad thing to say about it, maybe just that I didn’t find the hot sauce on the chicken wings very hot. But, speaking of hot sauce, they’ve got a housemade hot sauce that will annihilate you.

If that sauce had been on the wings, I probably would have spent the rest of my meal trying to recover, which may have been a blessing in disguise.

My parents split the scallop skillet, I go with the blackened parm chicken on garlic cream linguini, and Fred does the SOB Burger. My dish comes with a salad which my Mom automatically inherits.

The scallop skillet’s smell was intense, and the server placed it beside me. It looked great, and everyone raved about it, next.

The SOB Burger is a beauty. Fred said the first bite is a taste of amazingness. I believe him.

As for my pasta dish, they nailed it. I was probably about three bites in when I started doing the ol’ “I’d come back here just to have this dish” commentary.

Wow. I loved it and will continue to love it, just like the profound love in The Notebook.

Fish House Pics Part 2

Fish Croquetas from The Fish House in Miami, Florida
Big Fish Croquetas
Chicken Wings from The Fish House in Miami, Florida
Chicken Wings w/Hot Sauce
Bacon Wrapped Scallops from The Fish House in Miami, Florida
Bacon Wrapped Scallops
Broiled Oysters from The Fish House in Miami, Florida
Broiled Oysters w/Parmesan Cheese & Garlic Butter
Blackened Pasta from The Fish House in Miami, Florida
Blackened Parm Chicken Pasta
SOB Burger from The Fish House in Miami, Florida
SOB Burger w/Pico de Gallo & Jack Cheese
Scallop Skillet from The Fish House in Miami, Florida
Scallop Skillet w/Onions & Peppers
Salad from The Fish House in Miami, Florida
My Mom’s Salad
French Fries

You didn’t think we’d walk away without some dessert, did you? We settle on a mango cheesecake and housemade flan to share. My dad and I order espressos to have with our dessert.

There’s also cafe con leche on the menu if that’s more your speed. Unfortunately, while good, the flan isn’t sweet enough to hook me. However, the mango cheesecake again did not disappoint.

Housemade Flan from The Fish House in Miami, Florida
Housemade Flan
Cafecito aka Espresso from The Fish House in Miami, Florida
Cafecito aka Espresso

If you find yourself lost between Kendall and Westchester, if you’re hungry or starving, then do I have the place for you!

*On my second visit, the owner Angela recognized me when I arrived and gave me a restaurant tour (which included a spot where they host live music). She also comped some of the appetizers. It had no bearing on my thoughts of the Fish House as I could have easily not mentioned something I didn’t care about. It was a nice gesture on her behalf, though.

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