Flanigan’s Restaurants in Miami, Florida

Over the last quarter century, I have eaten at Flanigan’s quite a few times. It has been a favorite of mine whenever I’ve wanted to get a cold brewski (one of the few places I could get Elephant Red beer back in the day) and some appetizers.

I remember this one time when Chunktronics and I ordered so many appetizers at the Kendall location that they didn’t fit on the table. The plates’ ends were all overlapping; it looked ridiculous.

Flanigan's in Kendall, Florida
Flanigan’s in Kendall, Florida

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Tumbleweed Onions from Flanigan's in Doral, Florida
Tumbleweed Onions

Marcela and I recently went to Flanigan’s to have some appetizers. We had Joe’s Rockin’ Rib Rolls and an order of the Chicken Crispers in hot sauce for appetizers.

Joe’s Rockin’ Rib Rolls are deep-fried egg rolls filled with rib meat from their baby back ribs, pulled pork, cheddar cheese, and Flanigan’s barbecue sauce.

Joe's Rockin' Rib Rolls from Flanigan's in Doral, Florida
Joe’s Rockin’ Rib Rolls
Chicken Crispers from Flanigan's in Doral, Florida
Chicken Crispers

These little guys are good, but the chicken crispers are still my favorite. The crispers are juicy chicken strips in buffalo sauce.

We prefer the hot over the barbecue sauce version. However, they’re available in mild or medium heat if you’re a wimp.

Other appetizers to consider are their potato skins which are semi-hollowed-out potato halves (large ones, not like the smaller T.G.I. Fridays size) with cheddar cheese and bacon bits, and the loaded nachos.

Nachos from Flanigan's in Doral, Florida
Marcela with her favorite Nachos

Marcela thinks these are the most excellent nachos ever, and I don’t get it. It concerns the pico de gallo, lettuce, and guacamole, which I could care less about.

Flanigan’s Caribbean Burger
Flanigan’s Caribbean Burger

I’ve had all the burgers at Flanigan’s at one time or another, but their signature is the Caribbean Burger.
The Caribbean Burger is ten ounces of fresh beef with two slices of bacon, cheddar cheese, and barbecue sauce.

While I enjoy that burger, I’d give a slight edge to the Texas Burger. It’s the same ten ounces of fresh beef with bacon, bleu cheese crumbles, and a stack of Tumbleweed Onions drizzled with their homemade wing sauce.

Living the Flanigan’s To-Go Life

Chicken Philly from Flanigan's in Westchester, Florida
Chicken Philly To-go from Flanigan’s in Westchester, Florida

I find myself ordering to-go from Flanigan’s way more these, and my current favorite is their Chicken Philly. This beauty features blackened chicken breast chopped with grilled onions, mushrooms & Swiss cheese.

Ordering to-go is no replacement for the experience of eating at an actual Flanigan’s restaurant, but you should know that.

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