Cool Non-Food Attractions from our Road Food Trips

Restaurant visits and road food trips make up most of Burger Beast’s content. However, there are some fantastic non-food attractions worth checking out.

Once upon a time, I traveled exclusively by airplane on my vacations, but once the food road trip bug bit me, I was never the same. I’m no Carpetbagger, but I travel by car for food throughout the year.

When I was a kid, we’d fly out to visit my Dad’s mom in Glendale, California. Then, we’d drive to Tijuana, Mexico, and Las Vegas, Nevada, so the adults could have fun.

My sister Michelle and I would hang out with our other grandmother at Circus Circus and spend all our allowances on stuffed animals and tchotchkes. It was fun at the time.

The fam would also drive to Orlando yearly to visit the mouse and Universal Studios Florida. In addition, trips to Tampa were sprinkled here and there.

And then there were 2 Road Trippers.

Since 1998, my wife Marcela and I have traveled to Vegas a handful of times and one time to New York. Any other food road trip has been by car with the distance we’ve driven increasing yearly.

Last year, we drove through and stopped in at restaurants and attractions in Georgia, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Tennessee. This year, there was no such luck; it started promising with a couple of food road trips in Central Florida (Burger Barn), Northern Florida, and Florida’s West Coast (like Lucky Dawgs 2 & Sunflower Cafe).

I remember those trips and thought it’d be nice to revisit them in the only way I know on my blog.

Here are five non-food-related road trip stops that I still look back on with great affection. Yes, I reiterate non-food cause they need some love too!

Delta Blues Museum

Clarksdale, Mississippi

Potter’s Wax Museum

St. Augustine, Florida

Skunk Ape Research Headquarters

Ochopee, Florida

Third Man Records Store

Nashville, Tennessee

World of Coca-Cola & Georgia Aquarium

Atlanta, Georgia

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