Fort Wayne’s Famous Coney Island in Fort Wayne, Indiana

My visit to Fort Wayne’s Famous Coney Island (131 W Main St, Fort Wayne) was an unexpected stop. ChiBBQKing suggested that I add it to my food itinerary just earlier in the day.

Later on, I grabbed some coffee and spoke to David Arbetter (owner of Miami landmark Arbetter Hot Dogs). After having an almost half-hour conversation about coney dogs in the parking lot of a Starbucks, I not only skipped out on coffee but drove out to Fort Wayne’s Famous Coney Island.

Normally I’m an Early Bird

The vibe inside Famous Coney Island
The vibe inside Famous Coney Island

I don’t show up to eat at a restaurant 30 minutes to closing time. Instead, I’m the guy who shows up 30 minutes before the spot opens and waits in my car so I can be the first customer.

I opened the door, and to my surprise, it was packed. It was a Sunday and 45 minutes before closing, not my usual eating modus operandi. I found a table near the back of the restaurant by what I thought was the kitchen door, which oddly also doubles as a backdoor entrance to the place.

Back Entrance/Kitchen
Ice Cold Coke

My ice-cold 8 oz Coke arrives first, and I try my hardest not to have any so I can enjoy it with my food. While waiting, I notice that not only does the staff work like a well-oiled machine but that they still make the time to be friendly with everyone. It was nice to see that.

Two Coneys Please

Fort Wayne's Famous Coney Island Menu
Famous Coney Island Menu

In no time, my two Coney Dogs (Grilled hot dog topped with mustard, homemade coney sauce, hand-chopped onions on a steamed bun) and cheeseburger (cheese, mustard, ketchup, pickle, onion topped-burger) arrive.

Fort Wayne's Famous Coney Island's Cheeseburger - Fort Wayne, Indiana
Fort Wayne's Famous Coney Island's Coney Dogs - Fort Wayne, Indiana
A Couple of Coney Dogs

I don’t want to undermine the cheeseburger’s tastiness, but it was no match for the coney dog. I’m thinking about it right now and wishing I could find a real deal coney somewhere in South Florida. But, until that day comes, I’ll have to continue daydreaming about this one.

P.S.: I called David Arbetter a second time. He loves to eat hot dogs on his travels, so I wanted him to know that he needed to add Fort Wayne’s Famous Coney Island to his Hot Dog Bucket List.

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