Gayot’s Best Burgers in the United States

Gayot, the Guide to the Good Life, recently posted its list of the Best Burgers in the United States. Since I’m all about living my best life, I needed to see exactly which burgers made their list.

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Gayot’s website tagline

I could not find anywhere how the ten ground beef sandwiches were chosen, so I’d rather we focus on who’s on their Best Burgers in the U.S. list instead.

Gayot's Best Burgers in the U.S.
Gayot’s Best Burgers in the U.S.

Burger Joint, Cherry Cricket, Farm Burger, and Kuma’s Corner are the four restaurants I was familiar with already, so we’ll skip those. Side note: I’m dying to eat at Farm Burger.

I love that 4505 Burgers & BBQ, a barbecue joint, made the cut. I love a good smokey chargrilled burger, so hopefully, one day, I’ll have the opportunity to enjoy one of those bad boys.

The grilled onions on the Becks Prime and Mr. Bartley’s Burger Cottage burgers will be creeping into my dreams tonight; thank you for existing.

My one real takeaway from Gayot’s burger list is that it’s heavy on the larger patties. It’s odd because of the proliferation of smash burger restaurants and popups around the U.S. currently.

Speaking of which, I’m even more shocked that there is not one Oklahoma fried onion burger mentioned. I’m not so sure that omission is easily forgivable by a true burger fanatic.

You might want to check out Thrillist’s Best Burgers list, which was more fleshed out.

Gayot’s Best Burger Near You

Gayot’s has another series of Burger Best Ofs revolving around 15 cities in the U.S. Noticeably absent are Midwest burger strongholds like Michigan, Oklahoma, or Ohio. Hopefully, over time they will add these lists.

Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas / Fort Worth, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Maryland Suburbs (D.C.), New Orleans, New York, Orange County, CA, Philadelphia, San Francisco / Bay Area, Seattle, Virginia Suburbs (D.C.), & Washington, DC

Gayot’s Best Burgers in the United States

Becks Prime

Becks Prime Burger
picture courtesy of Becks Prime Facebook Page

Becks Prime
2902 Kirby Drive
Houston, TX

Burger Joint

Burger Joint Burger at Parker New York Hotel
picture courtesy of Parker New York Facebook Page

Burger Joint
119 W. 56th Street
New York, NY

Cherry Cricket

Cherry Cricket Burger
picture courtesy of Cherry Cricket Facebook Page

Cherry Cricket
2641 E. Second Avenue
Denver, Colorado

Farm Burger

Farm Burger Double Cheeseburger, picture courtesy of Farm Burger Facebook Page
picture courtesy of Farm Burger Facebook Page

Farm Burger
410B W. Ponce de Leon Avenue
Decatur, GA

4505 Burgers & BBQ

4505 Burgers & BBQ Cheeseburger
picture courtesy of 4505 Burgers & BBQ Facebook Page

4505 Burgers & BBQ
705 Divisadero Street
San Francisco, CA

Holsteins Shakes and Buns

Holsteins Shakes and Buns La Strip Dip Burger
picture courtesy of Holsteins Facebook Page

Holsteins Shakes and Buns
3708 Las Vegas Blvd. S.
Las Vegas, NV

Kuma’s Corner

Kuma's Corner Riley Gale Burger
picture courtesy of Kuma’s Corner Facebook Page

Kuma’s Corner
2900 W. Belmont Avenue
Chicago, IL

MELT Gourmet Cheeseburgers

MELT Gourmet Cheeseburgers
picture courtesy of Krys M Gatmaitan

MELT Gourmet Cheeseburgers
525 E. Market Street
Suite J
Leesburg, VA

Mr. Bartley’s Burger Cottage

Mr. Bartley’s Burger Cottage
1246 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA

25 Degrees

25 Degrees Burger in Hollywood, California
picture courtesy of 25 Degrees Facebook Page

25 Degrees
7000 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, CA

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