Gold Star Chili – Lexington, Kentucky

I was a slow starter when it comes to chili. My Mom is well known within my family and friends for making an incredible slightly sweet chili with beans. I’ve never been a giant beans guy except for black beans which were pretty much part of daily life in my Cuban household. The minute my taste buds were introduced to beanless chili in my early 20s I fell in fast in love.

Gold Star Chili began its life as Hamburger Heaven (1965) in Cincinnati, Ohio. The brothers who purchased HH perfected their Cincinnati-style chili and renamed their business Gold Star Chili.

My wife Marcela and I were staying for a few nights in Lexington and there was a Gold Star Chili just a half block away that we drove by multiple times. It turns out that a few years earlier my good friend John and I had eaten at that same location. Marcela was recently introduced to the awesomeness that is Cincinnati-style chili so she was excited to try it out. She would not be disappointed.

On the lunch agenda was the Cheese Coney (Chili Cheese Dog), Gold Star Chili (Beanless as it should always be), Chili Cheese Fries and a 4-Way with Onions. If you love their Chili you will love everything. If you don’t then go elsewhere or update your palate.

Before I let you go I should probably explain to you the “Ways” on the Gold Star Menu. The 3-Way is Spaghetti topped with Gold Star Chili and shredded shoestringish Cheddar Cheese. The 4-Way adds to the 3-Way with either Beans or Onions. The 5-Way is served all the way aka Spaghetti topped with Gold Star Chili, shredded Cheddar Cheese, Beans and Onions.

I’m a 4-Way kinda guy but you know that by now.

P.S.: Some locations have a Burger on the menu, unfortunately this location did not.

Cheese Coney

Gold Star Chili

4-Way with Onions

Chili Cheese Fries

Gold Star Chili
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