Good Dough Bakery in Jacksonville, Florida

Good Dough Doughnut Display 2
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My 2018 road trip to Jacksonville had many delicious highlights; Good Dough Doughnuts (1636 Hendricks Avenue) is at the top of that list.

We were only there for about a week, but were able to enjoy some good eatin’ from Bearded Pig B.B.Q., Maple Street Biscuit Company, Metro Diner, Pinegrove Market & Deli, & Soto’s Kitchen (R.I.P.), Sweet Pete’s & the Stuffed Beaver (R.I.P.).

The entire gang (Miami Meat Machine) + Fred were along with me for this eating extravaganza. I hit up Good Dough Bakery early in the morning, so only Fred and I were on this one.

I’m an old-fashioned & cake donut kind of dude, but damn, if that Butterscotch Bacon Doughnut wasn’t a homerun! The Brown Butter (Cake) Donut took the cake, pun intended.

Strawberry Shortcake Pop Doughnut
Strawberry Shortcake Pop Doughnut

I wish Marcela were here with me; she would have eaten the Strawberry Shortcake Pop. How do I know that? She loves strawberries and the Strawberry Shortcake character.

Fred enjoyed the old-fashioned Peanut Butter Pie, but he was a man on a mission. Once he found out about the Doughwhiches, his focus shifted. He ordered the Pizza π Doughwhich and the Fried Chicken Doughwhich.

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Pizza π Doughwhich
Pizza π Doughwhich

The Pizza π Dough was good, but I’ll order a pizza if I’m craving this flavor profile. Now, the Fried Chicken Doughwhich, on the other hand; it’s unique.

Cue the Twilight Zone music: Imagine if you will buttermilk marinated, and beer-battered fried chicken breast topped with pickles & hot sauce served inside of a glazed raised donut.

Good Dough Fried Chicken Doughwhich
Fried Chicken Doughwhich

It’s special, extraordinary even. So special that next time I’m not sharing.

Good Dough Doughnuts

Good Dough Doughnut Display 1
Good Dough Doughnut Display 3
Good Dough Doughnut Display 4
Good Dough Doughnut Display 5
Good Dough Doughnuts Latte
Brown Butter Doughnut
Brown Butter Doughnut
Butterscotch Bacon Doughnut
Butterscotch Bacon Doughnut
Original Glazed Doughnut
Original Glazed Doughnut
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