Grandstanz in Calhoun, Georgia

Grandstanz building in Calhoun, Georgia

I noticed the Grandstanz (1052 Red Bud Rd NE, Calhoun) farmhouse building right next door to the gas station we’re at with a billboard that says “Ain’t No Better Biscuit Burger or Fries.” We had stopped for some gas in Calhoun, Georgia on the way to my book signing road trip’s first stop in Kentucky.

Grandstanz Billboard
Grandstanz Billboard

My wife Marcela and I had just eaten at Mac’s Drive-Thru in Gainesville, and even though it seems like a slam dunk, I opt-out. Marcela, on the other hand, is the voice of burger reason. She says we’re here now and we should give it a try. She was right.

Sometimes I need just a little arm twisting to do things.

I Skipped The Grandstanz Drive-Thru

Grandstanz Drive-Thru
Important Signage
Important Signage

There is a drive-thru, but we head inside to share a burger and anything else that might be interesting. The inside isn’t large and probably seats about 20 folks, with the majority of the seats lining the windows with a counter.

Grandstanz Menu Board in Calhoun, Georgia
Menu Board

The order is simple with a Grilled Dawg with homemade slaw & chili and a pimento cheeseburger with fresh-cut fries. We agree to split everything, but Marcela ends up going heavy on the Dawg while I become enamored with the burger.

Grandstanz Grilled Dawg in Calhoun, Georgia
Grilled Dawg with homemade Slaw & Chili

The grilled dog comes with onions, brown mustard, homemade slaw, and chili. It’s a beautiful little ditty that tastes great.

Fresh cut Fries and wrapped burger from Grandstanz in Calhoun, Georgia
Fresh cut Fries and wrapped Burger

At first, I thought they had served me a plain burger. It comes partially wrapped and ready to eat.

When I picked up the heavier than I thought sandwich, I squeezed it, and out came the pimento. Marcela only wanted one bite, which meant I could hoard the rest.

Burger beauty shot from Grandstanz in Calhoun, Georgia
Burger closeup

The burger itself tastes like all the great ones I’ve eaten in small towns where the locally sourced beef comes from somewhere nearby. One last thing, the fresh cuts are a must-order. There is a chili and cheese version of the fries that must be out of this world.

I hope to stop here again someday, but the next time I’ll come hungry.

Grandstanz Menu

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