Habit Burger Grill & its CharBurger Goodness

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The Habit Burger Grill is another great burger chain from Claifornia. It was founded on November 15, 1969, in Santa Barbara. Over the last few years, they’ve been spreading their wings around the US. They were family-owned until 2007 when the private equity firm that purchased them began franchising and then a few years later took the company public.

Habit Burger is currently located in over ten states, with the majority of the restaurants being California locations. They expanded to Miami a few years ago with their fresh beef charbroiled burgers. The Charburgers really do taste like a burger cooked up in your backyard, but the best part is no mess or clean up.

Habit Burger Grill Menu

Habit Burger Grill Menu

Habit Burger Grill Food Pictures

Habit Burger Grill Onion Rings
Onion Rings
Ranch Sauce
Ranch Sauce
Habit Burger Grill Fries
Habit Burger Grill Double Char CheeseBurger
Double CharBurger with Cheese
Double Char Burger One Bite In
One Bite In on my Double CharBurger
Bacon Char CheeseBurger
BBQ Bacon CharBurger

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September 26th, 2015 – This Miami spot (9971 West Flagler Street) is the 2nd location for Habit Burger Grill in Florida, with Delray Beach being the first. I drove up to Delray Beach one morning to eat there and didn’t think much of it. I like to give restaurants multiple opportunities as there will be days when even the most well-run machine will have an off day; to think otherwise is ridiculous.

The official opening date for the Habit Burger Grill Miami location is this coming Tuesday, September 29th. They have been opening the last few days for some hours to benefit a local charity. This afternoon, the Red Cross was the beneficiary of my food purchases.

The Burgers at Habit are char-grilled hence the name “CharBurger(s).”

My Habit Burger Grill Order

I start with a meal of a Double CharBurger with cheese, caramelized onions, and mayo. I skip the lettuce and tomato. Please remember I don’t eat filler. You can go ahead and order it with everything; I don’t judge. I complete my meal with these really crispy onion rings and a fountain Coke.

As I’m having the order read back to me, I tack on a BBQ Bacon CharBurger. I gotta see how the other half lives with BBQ sauce on their burger.

Habit Burger Grill Soda Cup & Buzzer
Ice Cold Soda & Buzzer

I pay, fill my cup with the ice-cold goodness and take a seat with my buzzer. A few minutes later, my buzzer lets me know it’s game time. I grab a couple of napkins and some jalapeños at their peppers bar, which I think might come in handy later.

The Food Arrives

I fill my hand with the Double CharBurger and go in for a killer bite. It’s way better than I remember it from the first time. I can taste the seasoning, the light char-flavor, and the gooey melted cheese. The onions and mayo come in on the second round of flavor notifications to my mouth. I put this fella down and head to the Bacon BBQ CharBurger next.

Alright, not true. I eat three or four onion rings dipped in ranch in between the tastings. These guys are good.

Back to my story before I interrupted myself. I’ve never had a BBQ Burger with mayo on it, but it works. It’s missing something, though………let’s say it together……JALAPEÑOS!!! It’s a pretty little ditty with the jalapeños added.

I gotta bring something back to Marcela, who is hard at work at our HQ. The Santa Barbara CharBurger (Double Char with cheese & avocado on grilled sourdough) seems right up her alley. And it was.

Santa Barbara CharBurger
Santa Barbara CharBurger

There you have it; it’s gonna be tough for me to decide from now on with PDQ in the same strip mall with Habit Burger Grill. Or I’m gonna have to come really hungry!

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