Hamburger America Restaurant To Open Mid-October 2023

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This is some exciting burger news: George Motz will open a Hamburger America restaurant in New York (51 MacDougal Street, New York). While it was initially slated to open in May 2023, just in time to celebrate National Burger Month, due to typical restaurant delays, it’s looking like mid-October 2023.

George Motz outside of the future Hamburger America restaurant in New York New York
George Motz outside of the Hamburger America Restaurant

In case you’re new to the adventures of George Motz, Hamburger America is the name of his documentary and books highlighting historically significant burger joints. I’ll just let George explain his vision.

Walking into Hamburger America will be a step back in time, but don’t expect kitsch. My love of the American Hamburger is deep and my burger joint knowledge extensive. Expect a beautiful counter with stools, quick service, and of course onion burgs. Also, we plan to have a rotating menu of burgers from around the country with visits from my hamburger heroes.

I’m no fool and refused to open a restaurant without proper support, and that’s where the Schnipper Brothers come in. I plan to be in the restaurant every damn day but the @Schnippers will be managing the day-to-day with their decades of experience. 

I’ll keep you updated on this page, but also follow @hamburger_america for regular progress updates

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  1. Terrific, love your book and all your videos! Can’t wait to come to NY to dine at The Hamburger America! Congratulations!!


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