Handy Andy Grocery & Pit BBQ in Oxford, Mississippi

Handy Andy Grocery (800 N Lamar Blvd #5) is catty-corner from an antique shop in Oxford. I just dropped off my wife Marcela there.

While I’m always constantly looking for things to add to my collection, Marcela is much more thorough than I am, which generally leaves me with free time to visit the surrounding area.

This is a local’s spot; everyone knows everyone except for me, of course. I’m razor-focused on taking in a great experience like this, so I’m ok with it.

I sit quietly near where everyone is placing their orders and wait patiently for mine to be ready.

Handy Andy Grocery Ticket
10137 ahead of me…

Handy Andy Grocery Menu

Handy Andy Grocery Menu
Handy Andy Grocery Menu

Ready & Waiting to Eat

He calls my ticket number. I pick up my tray and take my seat in the VIP area. I get excited; the fries are in a sack.

Crinkle-cut fries go perfectly with BBQ in the world of Burger Beast. The fries were just fries. I ate a few before I decide I should put a dent into the other things I ordered.

You can have a fried hot dog at Handy Andy, but since this is Real Pit Bar-B-Q, then I’d prefer one with some char. The dog is a red hot split, charred & served on a soft squishy hamburger bun with some yellow mustard. It doesn’t get much simpler and tastier than that.

I may have ordered a bit too much to finish in one sitting. After I’m done polishing off the dog is when I come to this realization.


I pick up the pretty hefty BBQ sandwich. It had the right amount of slaw for me, which is not too much. You pick up the smokiness of the beef along with a crunch and creaminess of the slaw for a well-balanced bite.

The baked beans also came with the infused smoke and are right up there with some of the best I’ve had. I’m not a tots guy, but they tasted just like they should.

This now brings me to the Double Cheeseburger. So I unwrap it and find a deformed bun with a meat finger sticking out of it and some melted cheese webs, in other words….a beauty.

The char on this fella was so great that I couldn’t
even describe it. I decide on no condiments on my burger,  just the melty neon cheese. It’s the kinda Burger that leaves you longing for another once you’ve finished it.


Handy Andy Grocery Food Pictures

Handy Andy Grocery Cup
Handy Andy BBQ cup
Handy Andy Grocery Fries
French fries
Handy Andy Grocery BBQ Sandwich
BBQ Sandwich
Handy Andy Grocery Baked Beans
Baked Beans
Handy Andy Grocery Tots
Tater Tots
Handy Andy Grocery Red Hot
Red Hot
Handy Andy Grocery Double Cheeseburger
Double Cheeseburger
Handy Andy Grocery Cheeseburger Beauty Shot
Double Cheeseburger Beauty Shot

I would have eaten the ribs and banana pudding if Marcela had been done before me. It’s ok though; this now sets up plans to make a stop next time I’m in Oxford.

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