Hash House a GoGo in Orlando, Florida

Come hangry & leave happily stuffed at Hash House A Go Go

Hash House A Go Go is Twisted Farm Food; I mean, it says it right on their menus and website, but what exactly does that mean?

Food is the heart of Hash House and we love putting our spin on Midwest comfort meals. From pancakes to meatloaf and everything between

straight from the Hash House a Go Go website

A friend of mine mentioned that Hash House might be right up my alley when I was asking for food recommendations in Las Vegas.

When my mind is set on breakfast, then there’s no changing it.

Or so I thought…enter Hash House A Go Go in Orlando.

I went in wanting breakfast but knew I needed Andy’s Sage Fried Chicken Benedict in my life when I laid eyes on it.

I wouldn’t be able to go on otherwise.

How I ate the entire thing defies logic.

How my wife Marcela ate an entire flapjack about the size of a small hubcap made no sense.

We were happy and would not be eating for the rest of the day.

Yet, we had begun plotting our return and what we would eat.

Now, over five years later and countless visits with friends and family, we’ve worked our way through the entire menu.

I love that meatloaf sandwich, but on occasion, I might go the meatloaf hash route instead with those crispy potatoes and a couple of scrambled eggs.

Marcela is all about the biscuits with the sausage gravy, and I don’t blame her; they’re killer.

Marcela with her cocktail
Marcela with her morning cocktail & coffee

There are some great hand pattied burgers on the menu too, but I can’t cheat on Andy’s Sage Fried Chicken Benedict.

I would not like to hurt this intense relationship that we’ve developed over the last seven years.


Currently, there are ten Hash House A Go Go locations nationwide with 4 in Las Vegas, Nevada alone.

In addition to the Orlando (Florida) location I frequent, there is the original in San Diego (California), plus restaurants in Henderson (Nevada), Montville (Connecticut), Moorestown (New Jersey), Reno (Nevada), and St. George (Utah)

One last thing, do not under any circumstance make a long drive after eating at Hash House A Go Go.

Once that food coma sets in, all you’ll want to do it take a nap.

And don’t forget to plan your next visit there.


Hash House A Go Go Menu
Menu, courtesy of Chritiques


Biscuits & Gravy
Biscuits & Sausage Gravy
Hash House a Gogo Andy's Sage Fried Chicken
Andy’s Sage Fried Chicken Benedict
Meatloaf Platter
Meatloaf Hash
The Meatloaf
Meatloaf Sandwich
Meatloaf Sandwich
Seasoned Fries
Seasoned Fries
Hash House a Gogo Blue Cheeseburger
Crumbled Blue Cheeseburger, one of the best burgers in Orlando
Hash House A Go Go Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween


Hash House A Go Go
5350 International Drive
Orlando, Florida

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