Hillstone in Coral Gables, Florida

How did I end up at Hillstone in Coral Gables eating a burger? Well, I had finally decided that today was the day I would hit up Morton’s.

So I’m walking over there (I worked a block away back then), and I glance into Houston’s Hillstone. About a year after my visit, this Houston’s restaurant location was rebranded to Hillstone. I can see that the bar stools are almost all empty.

Houstons Sign in Coral Gables
Houstons Sign in Coral Gables

Was this a sign? I took it as one, and now there was a change of plans.

I walked in, and I could not believe I was finally inside Hillstone (201 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables). When I drive by, I always see the lines and think, there is no way I would wait in those lines to eat. But here I am, so I take a seat at the bar & order a refreshing Coke.

While checking out the menu, I come across a banner under the burger heading in the menu.

 “Our burgers are house-ground each morning for today’s service only.” 

That’s always great news, so I order the Hillstone burger with cheese. The bartender comes back with three little metal cups of mayo, mustard, and ketchup placed ever so lovingly next to my drink.

The burger looks pretty. The fresh-baked bun topped with a perfectly cooked burger exceeded my expectations. I know quite a few folks who swear by everything on the menu, particularly the burger.

Houstons Burger
Hillstone CheeseBurger

Hillstone Familiar Fries?

The fries were definitely nice, crispy, and freshly cut. In some ways, they remind me of the little fries served on steaks at Lila’s (R.I.P.) or Rio Cristal.

You won’t know what I’m talking about if you’re not from Miami, particularly the Westchester area. After consultation with Vincent Vega, I ate my fries with mayo, which was not too bad.

Houstons Ice Cold Coke
Thrice Refilled Coke

Overall a great experience, and I must mention the service at Hillstone is top-notch. While I was drinking my Coke, I could see the bartender from the other end of the bar eyeing my Coke so he could refill it once it got low (which he did three times).

I felt as if I was in that I Love Lucy episode, where they kept refilling her water. Not that I’m complaining.

Hillstone Burger UPDATE

Houstons Hickory Burger
Houstons Hickory Burger

I returned to Hillstone a few days later and met the love of my life. Her name? The Hickory Burger.

P.S.: Don’t tell my wife.

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