Have you tried a HipPOPs Handcrafted Gelato Pop?

Right before their launch in May 2012, my wife Marcela and I were invited to HipPOPs’ micro-creamery. This is where the gelato pops are made daily in small handcrafted batches.

HipPOPs is the creation of Anthony Fellows. After speaking to him, in no time, you realize how passionate he is about putting out the best-tasting pops you’ve ever had with the highest quality ingredients available.

Hip Pops Handcrafted Gelato Truck
Hip Pops Handcrafted Gelato Truck

HipPOPS Handcrafted Gelato Bars truck serves up all-natural, gluten-free, ORB Kosher Certified gelato on a stick. The pops are available in various flavors, including banana, Mexican chocolate chipotle, and vanilla bean.

The HipPOPs truck is not limited to only gelato bars, but sorbet and frozen yogurt pops can be had in hundreds of combinations. You start with the HipPOP of your choice, then add a dipping flavor and a topping or Poppings as they refer to them.

The Life of a HipPOPS Pop

Hip Pops Rules
HipPops Rules
HipPops Choose Your Pop
Choose Your Pop
Dip Your Pop
Dip Your Pop
The Poppings
The Poppings options

I can’t heap enough praise on The Tony, a vanilla bean gelato pop dipped in Belgian milk chocolate then rolled in salted crushed pretzel pieces. At the end of the day, it’s all up to you. You make your creation to your liking so you can’t lose.

HipPOPs has been an integral part of the Miami Food Truck scene since its launch. Anthony recently launched another truck in the Denver, Colorado area. They probably don’t know what just hit them, which is exciting news for their foodie community.

Frozen Treats from HipPOPs

Chocolate with Nuts
Passion Fruit Sorbet dipped in Chocolate with Nuts
HipPops Reeses Pop
HipPops Reeses Vanilla Bean Gelato Pop
Frozen Banana
Dipped Frozen Banana
HipPops Frozen Hot Chocolate
Oreo Shake
Cheesecake on a Stick
Cheesecake on a Stick

HipPOPS Dessert Truck Accolades

HipPOPs Handcrafted Gelato Pops was very dominant at my Burger Beast Burgie Awards over 5 years. They were also one of the most popular trucks at the 2013 South Beach Wine & Food Festival Food Truck event.

2017 Burger Beast Burgie Awards for Best Dessert

2016 Burger Beast Burgie Awards for Best Dessert

2015 Burger Beast Burgie Awards for Best Broward/Palm Beach County Food Truck

2014 Burger Beast Burgie Awards for Best Dessert Food Truck

2013 Burger Beast Burgie Awards for Best Dessert Food Truck

2012 Burger Beast’s Top Turkey for Best Thanksgiving Dessert

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