Hog's Breath Saloon in Key West

It’s been more than ten years since my first and only visit to Hog’s Breath Saloon in Key West. Not too long after I wrote about them, I received a gift in my P.O. Box. The owners had read what I wrote about their Hog Dust seasoning and sent me a bottle as a gift. A very kind gesture that, even all these years later, I still appreciate.

Original Hog’s Breath Saloon Post

May 2nd, 2009 – A few years back, I accompanied Fred on a work assignment to Key West. The one thing we knew for sure was we were going to go to Hog’s Breath (400 Front Street, Key West). When we finally get down there, we realize there is no way that Fred’s refrigerated delivery truck will fit in any parking spaces. So we ended up eating at House Of Music (which I believe has since closed) in Big Pine Key; that’s definitely a story for another day. 

Marcela and I are walking down Duval Street, and I’m telling her about what happened when Fred and I attempted to go to Hog’s Breath last time. Even though we were headed elsewhere (Pirate Soul museum) at the moment, we detour to the good ole H.B. If you’ve never been here, it’s got a laid back environment.

There are 2 bars. The first is open-air with the stage right near it. A dude is performing with his guitar some cover songs (he sounded pretty good). The second bar is non-smoking and is tucked away next to their store that sells everything from their signature Hog’s Breath Saloon t-shirts and hot sauces to towels. It’s a little darker, which means that is where we’re going.

Hog's Breath Hog
Hog’s Breath Boar

We take our seats at the end of the bar, next to a boar and our bartender Slim (nice guy…alright cool guy, he might subscribe to the theory nice guys finish last) takes our drink order. Marcela orders a Heineken, and I get a Yuengling. The other people sitting at the bar had different beer tastes than us, though.

Hogs Breath Menu
Hogs Breath Menu Front Page
Menu P2
Menu Page 2
Menu P3
Page 3
Hogs Breath Menu Page 4
Page 4

Food Decisions

I look over the menu, and I decide on getting the potato skins and the hog burger with cheese and bacon. Marcela is now looking at me in disbelief as we had just eaten at Cheeseburger. I suffer for my craft; what’s worse is I didn’t stop here. After Marcela is done with her beer, she decides to get a Hogarita (one of their specialty cocktails), which she really likes. By this time, the burger and skins are here. The potato skins were pretty good. Chili, cheddar cheese, scallions, and ranch smothered the potato fellas.

Hog's Breath Potato Skins
Potato Skins
Hog's Breath Saloon Cheeseburger
Hog’s Breath Saloon Cheeseburger

The Hog Burger was also excellent. It’s seasoned with Hog Dust, which I assume is the same thing on the fries (it tastes like a seasoned salt with a little heat). The seasoning is so good I decide then and there that I am buying a bottle. Of course, I forgot to do that.

Next time we’re in Key West again, I will:

  • plan on eating at Hog’s Breath again, this time on an empty stomach
  • will have their World Famous Hog Dog
  • will purchase the seasoning
  • All of the above

*We hit up the Rum Barrel restaurant after Hog’s Breath Saloon.

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