My Christmas Gifts were Deliciously Horrorific

I grew up in a family that gave my sister and me well-thought-out Christmas gifts. My Mom, in particular, paid close attention to our childhood obsessions.

I remember her battling the holiday hordes to ensure my sister had a Cabbage Patch Kid under the tree for Christmas morning. My parents had an excellent batting average until my dad thought that I loved the Tasmanian Devil from the Looney Tunes cartoons.

I’m more of a Road Runner and Slowpoke Rodriguez kinda fella for the official record.

Marcela and I don’t always have Christmas gifts for each other every year. However, we’re great at surprising each other throughout the year with cool things we’ll appreciate.

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What Horror Gifts Did We Get Each Other?

Marcela surprised me with a bunch of horror film-related goodies.

I wish all of these collectibles existed when we owned Oh, The Horror twenty years ago. Then, we would have stocked everything that Creepy Co and Middle of Beyond sell.


I came across this ridiculous Chia Pet of Elvira and knew it was a perfect gift for her.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Pillow Front
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Plush Pillow Front

I’ve added the Texas Chainsaw Massacre plush pillow to my other two, Evil Dead Necronomicon and Halloween Michael Myers.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Pillow Back
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Plush Pillow Back

Evil Dead

Evil Dead 2 Wallet
Evil Dead 2 Necronomicon Wallet

I haven’t decided if I will use the Evil Dead Necronomicon Wallet since my Universal Monsters wallet is still in perfect shape.

Basket Case

Basket Case Mug
Basket Case Ceramic Mug

The Basket Case ceramic mug was crazy awesome, but I wish someone would jump on the Aylmer from Brain Damage merch train. The other one was a gift from Marcela to Marcela.


Re-Animator Mug
Re-Animator Dr. Hill Head in a Tray Ceramic Mug

Marcela loves Re-Animator; it’s her favorite movie. Unfortunately, there aren’t many phenomenal Re-Animator collectibles out there, so I don’t blame her for picking Dr. Hill‘s head out of a tray.

The mugs are impossible to use on a day-to-day basis. They are meant to be displayed and admired.

What’s your favorite horror actor or film? How deep does your passion go? Do you collect anything associated with it or wear tees to show your love?

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