When my wife Marcela and I have some time off, we’re on a road trip. Sure, we love the out of state jaunts, but staying in our home state of Florida has allowed us to appreciate even more where we live.  

On our way back to Daytona Beach from Angel’s Dining Car, we drove by Hot Diggity Dogs & BBQ in Bunnell. We just had to stop, and next thing you know, we’re eating a footlong coney dog and a bacon cheeseburger.

I wish that we could have eaten some BBQ too, but it was just not in the cards. Hot dogs and cheeseburgers take priority over BBQ when I’m full and have limited space in my stomach.

The bacon cheeseburger was a 6 oz patty with a nice meat crust on it. It was solid; I enjoyed it. Now, that Hot Diggity Dog (footlong dog with coney sauce, diced onions & mustard), woohoo! Yeah, buddy, there’s a reason the hot dogs are featured prominently on the menu.

In retrospect, the smaller dog would have allowed me to add a brisket sandwich, but the truth is I felt the pressure when trying to decide what exactly to get and succumbed to my own peer pressure.

I’m hoping to run across them again by mistake on another Florida road trip, but this time on an empty stomach.

Hot Diggity Dogs & BBQ Menu
Bacon Cheeseburger
The Hot Diggity Dog w/Fries

Hot Diggity Dogs & BBQ
Facebook: Hot Diggity Dog and BBQ
1001 S State Street
Bunnell, Florida

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