Pastrami Dan’s – Naples, Florida

I asked Scott (owner of the Nosh Truck), what he thought about Pastrami Dan’s. His eyes lit up, which told me everything.

It was nearing 2 in the afternoon, and Scott mentioned that they might not be open. It didn’t stop me from driving over there to find out for myself.

I made it there with a little over an hour to spare. Pastrami Dan’s is open from 11 to 4 Monday through Saturday just to be clear; hours change during the summer.

My wife Marcela is not a pastrami or roast beef fan, so lucky for me, there’s a Super Taco that she can eat. It’s got a lovely cheese crisp built around the border with ground beef, salsa, and plenty of lettuce. This fellow is her thing.


A little bowl full of their housemade jalapeño relish arrives just before her first bite. We both loved it. The relish fits better with her Super Taco and the chili dog than with the pastrami wedge.

What chili dog, you say? The one I had to have after I saw it calling out to me on the menu. Under the chili, you’ll find the mustard hidden. After I added the jalapeño relish, I could call Pastrami Dan’s wiener a perfect chili dog. I think I just did actually.

The Hot Pastrami Wedge is sliced to order. It’s served up with mustard under the pastrami; two pickle wedges on the side round out the sandwich. This dude was utterly delicious.

So delicious that mid sandwich I got up and ordered one to go for my parents to try. They are big pastrami-holics.

I dropped it off at their house, and an hour later, they were asking where I got it cause they wanted another one.

Pastrami Dan’s is where it’s at! My eyes lit up, just thinking about it.


Pastrami Dan’s Taco
Jalapeño Relish
Chili Dog
Pastrami Dan’s Pastrami Wedge
Pastrami Sandwich on Rye


Pastrami Dan’s
586 9th Street North (Tamiami Trail)
Naples, Florida 34102

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