Is there an In N Out in Gainesville, Florida?

Is there really an In-N-Out in Gainesville, Florida? Well, kinda; at one point, there were several locations. I can confirm there was an In N’ Out, but it was not the celebrated and iconic brand from California.

Over the years, I’ve attempted a deep dive into this topic. Some info is out there, but not much. My best guess is that the Florida version opened in 1962 based on trademark applications and some ads that ran later in the Independent Florida Gator.

In N Out Gainesville in the Independent Florida Gator 9-19-77
IN N’ OUT Gainesville in the Independent Florida Gator 9-19-77
In N Out Gainesville in the Independent Florida Gator 1978
IN N’ OUT Gainesville in the Independent Florida Gator

The ads listed two locations in Gainesville:

1445 SE Hawthorne Road, Gainesville, FL 32641

204 SW 2nd Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32601

Chunky’s Grill & Fry Co has been at the 1445 address since 2007. The face of the original IN N’ OUT sign was rebranded with Chunky’s info.

Chunky's Grill & Fry Co. in Gainesville, Florida
Chunky’s Grill & Fry Co. Sign in Gainesville, Florida

The sign shape is that of the IN N’ OUT Hamburgers (Florida) chef hat.



The UNSTINGIES means you get more from your small fries, large fries, or onion rings. More of what you like at In N’ Out.

In N Out Gainesville in the Independent Florida Gator 11-4-77
IN N’ OUT Gainesville in the Independent Florida Gator 11-4-77

Groupon & Yelp

In N Out in Gainesville, Florida on Yelp
In N’ Out in Gainesville, Florida, on Yelp

During a Google search, I found Yelp and Groupon pages for In N’ Out Hamburgers. On the Groupon page, there are links to a website and menu. The only problem is the links lead to the Cali burger joint website and the menu of their well-known Secret Menu.

Grilled, seasoned, and served to perfection, Gainesville’s In-N-Out Burger is a prime burger joint located in the city’s Gainesville district.

Parking can always be a hassle. That’s why we’ve done half the work for you. Parking is available onsite for our guests.

In-N-Out Burger may cost you a little bit more than some spots, but this deliciousness is fairly-priced (and well worth the few extra bucks). So sink your teeth into a tasty burger from In-N-Out Burger today. Your taste buds will thank you.

Groupon’s About In-N-Out Burger

Wiki Talk

On Wikipedia, an In-N-Out burger archive discusses the Florida chain. There is some speculation about a relationship with the California brand but no proof. There is one poster that mentions four restaurants in the Gainesville area.

In-N-Out California vs. IN N’ Out Gainesville

At some point, the California-based In-N-Out got wind of its Southern bastard cousin and applied for a couple of Florida Trademarks for the term IN N OUT HAMBURGERS, which expired in 2007.

Burger Beast Burger Museum

I owned a couple of IN N’ OUT items from the Gainesville restaurant. They were on display at my Burger Museum from 2016 to 2019.

The first appears to have been a drive-thru type sign with an arrow. I had the sign mounted in a lightbox.

In N' Out Gainesville Drive-thru Sign
IN N’ OUT Gainesville Drive-thru Sign

The second is a large red t-shirt with the IN N’ OUT logo and catchphrase. Neither are in my possession anymore; a friend of mine purchased them when I closed my museum.

In N' Out Gainesville Drive-thru T-shirt
In N’ Out Gainesville Drive-thru T-shirt

Do you know any info about the IN N’ OUT of Gainesville? I’m dying to fill in any missing gaps.

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  1. California In-n-out told me that partners Charles and Edith Noddin dissolved the partnership and took half of the stores, 2 or 3. That didn’t last long. They moved to Florida and took the territory east of the Mississippi. I used to have a partial list of locations, might have been as far south as Ocala. When Florida’s last location closed around 2005, California bought the trademarks, territory, etc. from the Noddin children.

    MSo, maybe the Noddins sold the chain to Ralph early on? Or, they were founding partners?

  2. I ate burgers at in n out in Gainesville for decades, starting in the ‘60’s. Ralph dahlstrom sold out, I think, and eventually came back with his new restaurant called “Ralph’s” which was a clone. I was still eating his burgers in Chiefland past the year 2000, I think. Small towns near Chiefland still have drive-thru joints that serve burgers that seem to have descended from his recipe (special sauce similar to thousand islands). One particularly avid disciple swore you had to eat his burger in the first 90 seconds after receiving to totally appreciate the experience. We referred to his burgers with one word pronounced, Eino’s

  3. Alachua County Property Appraiser records for this location show that it was once owned by In-N-Out Hamburgers of Gainesville Inc. A lookup for that business at lists the California corporate address of the official In-N-Out at 4199 Campus Drive.

  4. I went to school in Gainesville back in the early 70s remember going to In-N-Out drive-through 12 to 1 o’clock in the morning feeling no pain and getting the best burgers in a bag of french fries best place to go to ….miss it

  5. I grew up in Gainesville Florida , lived there from 1966 to 1990. I remember going to In and Out drive through with my Mother. I do believe it was on 2nd Avenue. The burgers were the best in town and I remember the French fries were very thin and crisp. Brings back so many memories!

  6. I went to Eastside High School from 84-88. In-n-out was one of the closest places to go for lunch (even though it was a closed campus). You really had to hustle in order to get back in time. If you knew you were going to be late, you just ordered a little extra to pacify your next period teacher.
    Fries were not that good, so we always got the fried okra.
    Thanks for the memories.

  7. My wife and I rented our first house at 120 SE 2nd Avenue in Gainesville in 1969. So the original In and Out was just a few blocks away. We found the burgers and fries irresistible and certainly are our share !

  8. The 2nd Ave. location was a favorite of mine and friends in the mid 1970s. We would pile in someone’s vehicle and make a late-night run to load up on the best burgers in town for the money! Sweet memories!

  9. I found an in n out burger hat listed for sale on ebay from the Gainsville Florida location. I didn’t know about the Florida locations, only the California ones. I looked them up and learned about the history from your site- thanks!

  10. I am the son of Ralph Dahlstrom. The owner of In-N-Out hamburgers in Gainesville Florida. I remember them good all day I’m 60 years old now go gators.

  11. I’m pretty sure when I moved here in 1990 there was one on Nw 13th St where El Indio is now. They had a huge 99cent grilled cheese that was loaded with lettuce and tomatoes. It was a good meal for students!

  12. The In-N-Out Burger in California (and now in 8 states) was founded in 1948 by Harry & Esther Snyder. Apparently a man named Dub Thomas worked for Harry back then and later moved to Florida. Harry gave Dub verbal permission to use the name and recipes in Florida and I think these Gainesville restaurants must have been the result, but I’m not sure. As In-N-Out expanded they must have restricted the use of their copyright elsewhere. Does anyone know if these restaurants were owned by Dub Thomas?

    • My mom worked for Dub Thomas in the late 60s or early twentieths . He had at the time one in-n-out, Dubs Lounge A drinking and dancing place.and a gym he was a bodybuilder. My mom was his accountant at the time.he told her that he needed to sale one of his business. So my Dad brought the g.ville, and later built another on hawthorn Rd. The first one is on s.w. 2nd ave..

  13. I lived in Gainesville in the early 80’s but my memory keeps thinking that there was a location on archer by the mount Vernon apartments. Loved their cherry cokes!

  14. I broke my arm in late October of 1977 and was treated at Alachua General Hospital. On the way home we stopped at In-N-Out on 2nd. Loved the burgers but it was hard to eat both burgers and fries with left arm in a sling. Still miss G’ville, especially Great Southern Music Hall.

  15. I was in Gainesville from 1970 to 1975. I use to eat at and worked at in & out. My job was to help grind meat up that he would butcher, along with making up large vats of all the different sodas. He owned the warehouse at the time next door, which is now “The Dive”. He had a large walk-in cooler there where we separated the good cuts of meat that he sold to restaurants. Before I left Gainesville it was turned into a Drive thru beverage warehouse where I also worked . When I first heard of in&out in California I myself was wondering if he may have moved out there also. Very nice owner, very enterprising person.

  16. Some of my cousins worked in In N Out, and the food was so good…from the burgers and wings to the specially-crafted cherry root beer.

    I lived in Cali for almost a year, and I was sorely disappointed. It was good, but not The Ville, in-the-hood good!

  17. Went to UF fall of ’73 through mid ’76 and frequented In n Out’s SW 2nd Ave location regularly during that era, as that was their closest to campus. Two convenient drive through lanes, huge fully dressed juicy burgers made to order plus thick yummy shakes that had the consistency of real ice cream. Don’t recall their fries, as they weren’t a priority to us back then. Staff was primarily some cool African American dudes in crisp white uniforms who took your order and also did the cooking. Best quality and value in town at that time compared to McDonalds and Burger King which were the only other major fast food burger options back then. Very efficient system and no long waits ever. Never had California In n Out so cannot compare it to that having never experienced their food.

  18. I attended UF in the late 60s to mid 70s and frequently went to the In & Out on 2nd Avenue. Great burgers with equally great memories. I now live in California and when I first spotted an In & Out here I hoped it was the same from when I lived in Gainesville, but was sadly disappointed!


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