Jet’s Pizza & the Pizza Hut Detroit-style Debacle

My friend Paul has mentioned Jet’s Pizza in the past. I’ve pretended to be interested and let it go in one ear and then out the other. He’s going to kill me for writing that, but that’s probably why I included it.

The closest Jet’s Pizza location to where I live in Miami is Davie, about 40 minutes away. I’m not afraid of driving for food, but pizza isn’t at the top of my comfort food list. When I find a pizza joint I enjoy, I stick with it!

I went online and ordered some hot wings, a chicken parmesan sub, and an eight-corner with half-bold pepperoni and half hamburger. I assume it’s an eight-corner since two four-corners make up the box. My Mom didn’t raise a hungry dummy.

In the middle of the Twitter debacle with the Pizza Hut Detroit-style pizza, Jet’s Pizza chimed in.

It was that tweet that sold me on ordering their pizza.

How Was Jet’s Pizza?

The tiny wings were great, and the heat packed a surprising wallop. I drizzled some of their housemade ranch sauce on my wings. I liked it so much I took a bottle home. To be clear, I took it as I bought one, not stole it.

What made the chicken parm sub so good was the toasted roll with the grated parm on top, a wise choice.

The crust was great on the Jet’s Pizza 8 corner. I should have ordered an 8-order pep and not gone half with the extra hamburger. The hamburger in question is ground beef; I was daydreaming it would be a cheeseburger flavor.

The crispy corners’ one-two flavor and texture punch with the crispy pepperonis made the trip to Davie worth it. I might go for the Deep Dish Bread on my next visit, and there will be a subsequent visit.

Jet’s Pizza Menu

Jet's Pizza Menu

Jet’s Pizza Food Pictures

Chicken Parmesan Classic Sub
Chicken Parmesan Classic Sub (Grilled chicken, mozzarella, pizza sauce & topped with shredded parmesan cheese)
Jet's Pizza Housemade Ranch Sauce
Housemade Ranch Sauce
Jet's Pizza Box
Jet’s Pizza Box
Jet's Pizza 8 Corner Pizza
8 Corner Pizza (Extra Bold Pepperoni & Extra Hamburger)
8 Corner side shot
8 Corner side shot

Pizza Hut Detroit-style Pizza

Over the last year, Old Greg’s Pizza and Square Pie City have excited Miami pizza lovers. So, it piqued my interest when Pizza Hut announced that they were launching a handcrafted Detroit-style pizza in late January.

Pizza Hut‘s Detroit-style pizza has four versions available. Usually, I’d be all about the pepperoni, but I was eating this with my family. I played it safe with the Double Cheesy for the ladies and the Meaty Deluxe, which was for my Dad and me.

  • Detroit Double Pepperoni: Topped with 32 slices of regular pepperoni and another 48 slices of Crispy Cupped Pepperoni
  • Double Cheesy: Layered with two kinds of cheese, including aged Parmesan
  • Meaty Deluxe: Loaded with bacon, Italian sausage, and Crispy Cupped Pepperoni
  • Supremo: Topped with Italian sausage, red onions, and green bell peppers

The pizza arrived just as I pulled into my parent’s house. While walking in, I pick up the boxes from the small table in the kitchen and walk over to the dining room table, where everyone is seated.

I pulled up a chair, sat down, and opened the box. I was not prepared for what I saw.

Pizza Hut Detroit-style Pizza Pictures

Pizza Hut Detroit-style Pizza Box
Pizza Hut Detroit-style Pizza Box
Detroit-style Meaty Deluxe
Meaty Deluxe Detroit-style
Detroit-style Meaty Deluxe Corner shot
Meaty Deluxe Detroit-style Corner shot
Detroit-style Double Cheesy
Detroit-style Double Cheesy
Detroit-style Double Cheesy Corner shot
Detroit-style Double Cheesy Corner shot

It looked unfinished. Then I took a bite and realized it was slightly undercooked. Who lets two pies looking like this get delivered to a customer? Only my mom was willing to try a slice. She didn’t care for it and is a giant Pizza Hut fan.

I posted my thoughts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter the following day. The Twitter post seemed to gain the most momentum since folks from Detroit were continually outraged.

Detroit Press Picks Up My Tweet

The following day, Deadline Detroit writes the Everybody Vs. Pizza Hut: ‘Detroit Style’ Misfire Provokes A New Social Media Pile-On story; now Detroit foodies know of the situation. I understand the aggression.

I’m not a fan of horribly executed Cuban Sandwich on menus. It’s insulting to those of us who revere our regional food specialties.

Pizza Hut has attempted to reach out to me twice about this situation. I have not DM’d them as they have requested. In the past, they have tried to fix the problem with a gift card. This time, fix the situation by doing what’s right, and never attempt an abomination like that again.

4 thoughts on “Jet’s Pizza & the Pizza Hut Detroit-style Debacle”

  1. For What It’s Worth… There’s a Pizza Hut on the west side of Bloomington, Indiana that has a manager that skimps HARD on all their pizzas including the detroit; it looks a lot like your photo above. If I order before 5pm or from pretty much any other Pizza Hut in the surrounding area, it’s fabulous – and that carmlized cheese goes well over the edge and it’s loaded heavy with pepperoni.

    Pizza Hut needs to get a better handle on their restauranteers – and comments need to go to corporate.


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