Josh’s Deli – Surfside, Florida

Josh's Deli is not a normal deli. Josh himself screams this from the mountaintops to anyone who can hear him. He's right, it's way better!

My friend Hannah was in town visiting from the UK. I wanted to take her to eat something she can’t find across the pond.

What could make an impression?

And then it hit me, Josh’s Deli!

Chef Josh Marcus, who was also the creator of the unfortunately very short-lived MB Brewhouse and the now legendary Chowdown Grill, is the man with the plan at Josh’s Deli.

It took me a little bit to wrap my mind around the idea of the unorthodox Josh’s Deli as Evan Benn, the former food editor of the Miami Herald called it.


Josh makes his own bagels, has a Matzo Ball French Onion Soup on the menu plus the excellent pizzas made on bagel dough every Thursday (Pastrami & Brussels Sprouts is killer).

I’ve never been a Jewish Deli guy, but I do love tasty sandwiches, big beefy ones in particular. They have them here too, like the Jewban (pastrami, pork, pickle, & Swiss cheese). It was Josh’s Deli that created my fascination for pastrami sandwiches.

My parents, who spent their youth in New York City, are giant fans of his pastrami sandwiches.

I feel that I’ve never shown Josh’s Deli the love it deserves.

I hope this post changes that, and you’ll check it out for yourself.

There is something for everyone on the menu, done by a chap named Josh, who’s doing things his way, and helping to make the Miami Food scene diverse, different, and delicious.

Way to go, dude!

Latkes (Potato Pancakes) w/Apples

Everything Bagel w/Egg, Cheese & Pastrami-spiced Bacon

Hand-Cut Pastrami Sandwich

Potato Pancakes w/Lox


Regular Bagel w/Egg, Cheese & Pastrami-spiced Bacon

Bacon specks on a muffin

The Jewban (Pastrami, Pork, Pickle, Swiss)

Pastrami Wrapped Date

Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Pastrami Frita Burger (10% Ground Bacon, 80% Ground Chuck, 10% Pastrami Chunks, Caramelized Smoked Onions & Craque Sauce)

Pastrami Frita Burger

Bagel Pizza

Pastrami & Brussels Sprout Bagel Pizza


More Than Just A Deli:

Josh’s Deli
9517 Harding Avenue
Surfside, Florida

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