Junior de la Torre at Jr's Gourmet Burgers

Jr’s Gourmet Burgers & Food Truck in Miami Springs, Florida

Jr’s Gourmet Burger is located in Miami Springs. I spent my summers as a kid with my Dad working in that area on his WISE Potato Chips route.

One of his vending stops was Piggly Wiggly (now Milam’s Market) at the heart of Miami Springs.

Jr’s Gourmet Burgers is a cozy little place right off the circle. I always feel right at home when I walk in and take a seat. There’s a great small-town feel to Jr’s Gourmet Burger but with big flavors.

Inside of Jr's Gourmet Burgers

I don’t need to look at the menu, but I always do.

The sliders are, without a doubt, one of the best I’ve ever had. I know what you must be thinking, why order sliders when you’re going to order a burger here?

The answer: You would be estupid not to, and yes, I misspelled on purpose for you spelling nazis.

My suggestion is you order the plain sliders with cheese & onions, but the BBQ bacon cheddar version is pretty good too.


Now don’t get me started on their Outside Is In burger. The Outside Is In is Jr’s riff on a Juicy Lucy (cheese-stuffed burgers) but with crispy bacon added to the mix. It is imperative to note the beautiful crust on the outside of this burger.

It can not be ordered well done, so that might prevent some of you from considering eating one. I say, butch up and order it anyway. Everyone has to grow up sooner or later, why not at Jr’s. They won’t tell anyone that your natural carnivore instincts kicked in.

The menu is rounded out with some turkey burgers, chicken sandwiches, and even a couple of salads (the dreaded S word) for those of you looking for something leaner to eat.

Me? I’ll stick to sliders and burgers, that’s what we BEASTs do.


Garlic Cheese Fries
Garlic Cheese Fries
Mac & Cheese Balls
Mac & Cheese Balls
Slider with Grilled Onions
Slider with Grilled Onions
Hot Dog
Hot Dog with Grilled Onions
Jr's Gourmet Burgers Lady Guava
Lady Guava
Jr's Gourmet Burgers Outside Is In Burger
Outside Is In Burger


Jr's Gourmet Burgers That Guys Burger
That Guy’s Burger
BURGER NAME That Guy’s Burger
SIZE 5 ounces
STANDARD TOPPINGS Cream Cheese, & Guava on White Bread then wrapped in Bacon with a side of Guava Ketchup


2018 Hamburger House Party Judge’s Choice

2017 SOBEWFF Burger Bash People’s Choice Award  for That Guy’s Burger

2016 Hamburger House Party People’s Choice Award for That Guy’s Burger

2015 Burger Beast Burger Brawl People’s Choice Award for the Lady Guava


Jr's Gourmet Burgers Food Truck

Junior’s Gourmet Burgers has made the jump to a mobile unit. His new food truck can be found all over South Florida from breweries to all types of events.

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Jr’s Gourmet Burgers Food Truck

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