Kewpee Landmark Building

Kewpee Hamburgers Downtown – Lima, Ohio

Kewpee Hamburgers is the 2nd oldest Burger Chain in the United States after White Castle.

Founded in 1923, and there are currently 3 Kewpees in Lima, Ohio (pronounced “Lie-Ma”) and another couple (Lansing, Michigan & Racine, Wisconsin) owned by different folks.

The particular KewPee we stopped in at was in Downtown Lima and has been there since 1928.

They serve burgers made from locally raised beef; in other words, just perfect.


The drive was close to two hours but well worth it.; I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

I walked in and just stood around, taking in the place. I had dreamed of one day eating here, and here I was, at last.

It’s my turn, and without skipping a beat, I ask for a double w/cheese, chili, and a Coke. The guys’ orders include singles, fries, and pies. My one regret is not getting a malt.

Historically, Kewpee is important since Dave Thomas’ (founder of Wendy’s) inspiration for opening a burger joint came from frequenting a Kewpee in Michigan. You can notice the similarities in the burger patty shape and thick malts (which again, I didn’t have).

The burgers are freshly ground and pattied daily in-house, which adds to the slightly crumbly nature of the beef, something I love.

I took my time eating my double w/cheese and taking in this experience.

We were 18 driving hours away from our home in South Florida and wanted to make sure I made the most of this visit.

I never made it to the chili as it had cooled off by the time I was done with my burger, yes I took that long.

The Kewpee burger was a classic example of simplicity at its finest.

You can keep your fancy dressed up burgers with tons of toppings. Me? I’ll take a Kewpee Burger over all of them.

Plus, you gotta agree with Kewpee Hamburgers’ famous saying: “Hamburg with pickle on top, Makes your heart go flippity-flop

I certainly do, and it did.


Kewpee Hamburgers Lima Menu
Kewpee Hamburgers Lima Menu


KewPee Hamburgers - Lima, Ohio
Did He?
Did He Really?
KewPee Hamburgers - Lima, Ohio


KewPee Hamburgers - Lima, Ohio
Wrapped deliciousness
KewPee Hamburgers - Lima, Ohio
Double without Cheese
House-made Chili
House-made Chili
House-made Key Lime Pie
House-made Key Lime Pie
Marchocolate Cake
Marchocolate Cake

Old School At Its Finest:

Kewpee Hamburgers
111 N Elizabeth
Lima, Ohio

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