Laha's Red Castle Hamburgers
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When I text George Motz that I was in Lexington, Kentucky, for a few days, he told me to rush over to Laha’s Red Castle Hamburgers (21 Lincoln Square, Hodgenville). When he makes a statement like that, it means it’s go-time.

Laha’s was only about an hour and a half from where we were staying, so it was our first stop of the day. There are a good eight counter seats inside and lucky for us, they were all empty. It will get crazy around lunchtime.

Laha's Red Castle - Hodgenville, Kentucky

I take a seat, and instead of waiting for my wife Marcela and my bud John, I order myself the double cheese dipped burger with some onion rings and a chili dog with onions. The dog isn’t so much a chili dog as it is a wiener living in a chili bath. I drizzle some yellow mustard on this tasty little ditty.

Laha’s Red Castle Burger Talk

Laha’s Red Castle has been open and serving up hamburgers since 1934, so you know something special is about to happen.

The dipped portion of the burger refers to one bun being infused with some of their homemade chili. While it is a double, it does not mean that there are 2 patties. The burger is two meat portions smashed into each other during cooking. The meat had a beautiful crust achieved only by an expert burger griddle cook. When you mix the chili sauced bun, onions, cheese, and mustard into the equation, you have what’s called a big-time winner on our hands.

Marcela chose to have lettuce & tomato, which pretty kills what makes this burger so unique. It’s old school, and they don’t get made like this anymore. She likes to eat her burgers with all this filler, a never-ending torment for me. I ate another single cheeseburger for dessert while she finished hers—the only honorable thing to do in this case.

Fresh Beef Patties, ready to smash on the grill
Where the magic happens
Magic in action
Onion Rings
Hot dog in chili sauce with onions
Cheeseburger with everything
Double Cheeseburger

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