Larry, Curly, Burgers & Moe in Homestead, Florida

I was in Homestead a few days ago when I found out about Larry, Curly, Burgers, and Moe (28838 South Dixie Highway). Being a lifelong Three Stooges and burger fan, it was a no-brainer that I’d have to stop in. The only problem? They were closed by the time I was ready to hit them up.

A few days later, aka today, el Comelon and I make plans to have lunch together, and I insist on Larry, Curly, Burgers, and Moe. I arrive first (as usual) and order a Stuffed Cheeseburger (w/American cheese), Coney Island-style hot dog, fresh-cut fries, a cup of chili, and buffalo wings.

While I’m trying to figure which table is best for sitting and taking pictures, Comelon arrives. He tacks on a double cheeseburger w/only onions and the Polish Boy; it’s a Cleveland thing. And apparently, neither of us is having dinner tonight.

Anticipation Builds

I try not to have any expectations when I eat at a new restaurant since it isn’t fair. While waiting, I could see everything being prepared from scratch, now I was excited.

Two things stick out in my mind after having tried everything I ordered:

1) The Coney Island-style hot dog was a perfect little ditty. No hot dog bun here; they use a sub roll, which holds up to the all-beef chili. Speaking of the all-beef chili, it had a nice sweetness to it. A great hot sauce would definitely compliment it.

2) I love a great Juicy Lucy (cheese-stuffed burgers), and I’ve had many in my time. This is one of the best I’ve ever had. It comes with ketchup, mustard, and mayo, which I embraced instead of shunning as I normally would. The flavors really brought me back to being a kid and just enjoying a great burger without all the noise that exists nowadays. I’m looking forward to enjoying another one of these very soon.

I also ordered a blackened chicken sandwich to go for La Señora Beast with some coleslaw. She is very picky about her chicken sandwiches, but she dug this one.

How else can I really end this other than saying I’ll be back to Larry, Curly, Burgers, and Moe. It was a 40-minute drive that was well worth it and can also be a great stop on your way to or from the Keys.

Larry, Curly, Burgers & Moe Menu

Larry, Curly, Burgers & Moe Menu Page 1
Menu Page 1
Larry, Curly, Burgers & Moe Menu Page 2
Menu Page 2

Larry, Curly, Burgers & Moe Food Pictures

Bowl of Chili
Buffalo Wings
Buffalo Wings
Coney Island-style Chili Dog
Coney Island-style Chili Dog
Polish Boy
Polish Boy
Cole Slaw
Cole Slaw
Larry, Curly, Burgers & Moe Double Cheeseburger
Double Cheeseburger
Larry, Curly, Burgers & Moe Juicy Lucy & Fries
Juicy Lucy & Fresh-Cut Fries
Larry, Curly, Burgers & Moe Juicy Lucy
Juicy Lucy
Larry, Curly, Burgers & Moe Juicy Lucy oozing cheese
Oozing cheese from the Juicy Lucy
Blackened Chicken Sandwich
Marcela’s Blackened Chicken Sandwich

In April 2019, Larry, Curly, Burgers & Moe sold its last burger. The current space is occupied by Elote Lovers.

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