Larry’s Hot Tamales in Clarksdale, Mississippi

Like the South Florida croqueta phenomenon, the Mississippi Delta has a well-documented fascination with hot tamales. But, here’s an interesting fact: the two dishes have in common: they’re served with saltines.

Hot Tamales are available at every corner in Clarksdale, at least it seems that way. Marcela and I ate hot tamales from 7 different restaurants during our five-day stay in the area.

We had just finished having lunch at Dreamboat BBQ and an early afternoon snack at Ground Zero Blues Club when we stopped at Larry’s Hot Tamales (947 Sunflower Ave, Clarksdale). There was a smoker parked outside, but we didn’t even ask about BBQ since we were in hot tamale mode.

Plated Hot Tamale from Larry's Hot Tamales in Clarksdale, Mississippi
A Hot Tamale needing some lovin’
Hot Tamale halves from Larry's Hot Tamales in Clarksdale, Mississippi
Hot Tamale halves

One bite, and yes, these are one of the best hot tamales we ate covered with a nice sauce.

What did we do next? What any self-respecting and obsessed person would do, we took six hot tamales.

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