Latin House Grill in Kendall, Florida

Latin House was one of the pioneers in the Miami Food Truck industry.

Latin House Grill History

My first attempt to eat from the Latin House Grill Food Truck did not end well. It was a rainy night, so I got shut out. The following day I tracked them to Bird Road and they were open for business.

My love affair for Latin House started then, and I became one of what they called their most loyal fans, an LHG Stalker. During this period of time, Chef M, Bella, and Chuchi perfected the dishes that would popularize LHG to food fans.

Those were the Flatton, the ChimiBurrito, Madlove Burgers, and the Chuchi Rice.

Latin House Grill Food Truck
Menu for the Latin House Grill Food Truck

Latin House Restaurant

Latin House in Kendall
Latin House in Kendall

Latin House Grill’s current incarnation at the diner (8695 SW 124th Avenue, Miami) is my favorite so far. They have shrunk down the menu and made it more of all-the-popular hits kinda deal.

The Timba is always a good way to start a meal at LHG but the Chicken Fried Tenders are show stealers.

There are some Crack Sliders (featuring their custom burger blend) on the regular menu which become starters for us. You may instinctively go for Cheddar cheese on them but the real play is to get Swiss, trust me.

Chimis & Flattons are LHG Classics

You’ll be surprised to know that I do not normally order any of their burgers. It’s not because I don’t love them, but because the Chimi Burrito and Puffy Flatton are 2 very unique and signature items that deserve as much love for putting them on the food map.

It’s always a tough decision between the two. When Marcela is with me, she orders the Chimi while I go the Flatton route.

The ChimiBurrito is just that, a burrito with a twist. The Chimi (I’m on a first-name basis) is stuffed with Chuchi Rice (some of the most delicious Yellow Rice you’ll ever have), the protein of your choice (carne asada, carnitas, chicken, or shrimp), three cheese blend, sweet plantains followed a quick bath in the fryer to get the exterior crispy.

Once out, they drizzle Mexican crema, avocado-lime sauce, and sprinkle pico de gallo all over the burrito, which slice in half. This is a classic dish, and once you finish, you will feel as you’ve been through a battle.

The Flatton (I should admit I attend classes for Flattons anonymous) is what creeps into my daydreams, jumping over a fence in place of sheep. It’s an amped-up open-face taco that replaces the tortillas for a flash-fried flat-bread. Their three cheese blend, caramelized onions, mushrooms, and your choice of protein followed by Mexican crema and an avocado-lime sauce complete this mini mastodon. No words have been created yet to describe this dish properly. We’ll leave it at that.

LHG were also the winners of my first Burger Beast Burger Brawl, where the attendees vote their Champ Burger as the best.

Latin House Grill Menu

Latin House Food Pictures

Carne con Queso
Housemade Tortilla Chips
Latin House Timba
Latin House Timba
Fire House Shrimp
Fire House Shrimp
Sneaky Nachos with Grilled Chicken
Sneaky Nachos with Grilled Chicken
Don Chu Red Sangria
Chicken Fried Tenders
Chicken Fried Tenders
Pulled Pork Slider
Crack Slider
Latin House Chimi Burrito
Chimi Burrito
Latin House Grill Original Burger with Potato Twists
LHG Original Burger with Potato Twists
Latin House Grill Original Burger
Latin House Grill Original Burger
Balls to the Wall

2 thoughts on “Latin House Grill in Kendall, Florida”

  1. Will you ever get those big half pounders? I literally picked this place over any place to eat for my birthday. Have been back ones. The burgers are almost the size of McDonald’s with the added stuff and they taste good. But not for the money. I have 5 stars for your restaurant every time I went. I only go to take out the shrimp now. I love the big shrimp. Last year you all told me you would soon bring back the old menu but had to work on a small menu for the time being. Bring at least the half pounders back to its extra stuff on it. The mushrooms yum. The husband ate the egg on his. ‍♀️ Ty

  2. I went yesterday as well and the chimi burrito we got was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten in my life. the flatton was also delicious but I had to fork and knife it. man that thing is a delicious mess


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