Luv Me Tenders BEAST Box for Valentine’s Day 2021

After the Croqueta Palooza BEAST Box’s success, I thought which one of my other events could lend itself to a similar box. It came to me almost instantly, Luv Me Tenders! Everyone loves chicken tenders, right?

So, what better day than Valentine’s Day on Sunday, February 14th, to enjoy the Luv Me Tenders BEAST Box!

What’s included in the Luv Me Tenders BEAST Box:

✳️ The Cafe 72 (4 freshly fried chicken tenders)
✴️ Latin House (4 freshly fried chicken tenders)
✳️ Little Bird by Doce Provisions (4 freshly fried chicken tenders)
✴️ PINCHO (4 freshly fried chicken tenders)


✳️ Babe’s Meat & Counter (Family-size Fries with housemade cheese and ranch sauces)
✴️ Elote Lovers (Family-size portion of their Mac & Cheese with Corn)
✳️ The Pie Queen from Bowling Green (4 chewy cookie sammies all the way from Kentucky)
✴️ Popeyes (4 biscuits)
✳️ Bottle of Taylor’s Ultimate Hot Sauce
✴️ 4 pack of sugar cane glass bottle sodas: A&W Root BeerBig RedRC ColaNEHI Orange

You will show up at Magic City Casino on Sunday, February 14th, to pick up your box with freshly fried chicken tenders plus more snacks!

All of this for $75!

Only 143 Luv Me Tenders BEAST Boxes are available, then we’re SOLD OUT!

Pre-order by going to Luv Me Tenders BEAST Box

Luv Me Tenders Event Details

On Sunday, February 14th, you will show up at Magic City Casino to pick up your BEAST Box with freshly fried chicken tenders from four of Miami’s best chicken tenders creators, plus more snacks!

When ordering, you must choose your pick up time: 


You never have to leave the comfort of your car. We will check you in then bring your Luv Me Tenders BEAST Box to you. Then, you’re off to your home or wherever you plan to enjoy all the goodies.

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