Mac’s Drive-Thru – Gainesville, Florida

I’ve got this Burger Bucket list that is neverending. Mac’s Drive-Thru in Gainesville, Florida has been on it for a minimum of five years at this point. The operating hours have made it difficult for me to grab a burger here but at last, the planets aligned and I made it.

Mac’s Drive-Thru opened up in 1987 and was founded by the same fella who opened up the Sandwich Inn nearby (since 1963). It makes sense since at first glance the buildings have some similarities. Mac’s is a double drive-thru with a walk-up order window. The sizes of the menus are different though with Mac’s being much more simple.

The line was ridiculously long when we arrived at Mac’s Drive-Thru. My wife Marcela had to actually talk me into staying because I was ready to bolt. She pointed out how I’ve been wanting to eat here for years and how I had deviated from the originally scheduled travel plan by about 30 minutes just to eat one of Mac’s burgers. The truth is the line moved fast and I’m glad I stayed, it was worth it. She was right.

Senora BEAST – 1

Marcela had her Cheeseburger with all of the available toppings: Lettuce•Tomato•Onion•Ketchup•Mustard•Mayo•Pickles

Your buddy aka me topped my Double Cheeseburger with the condiments I enjoyed back when I was a Mini-Burger Beast: Ketchup•Mustard•Mayo I like to refer affectionately to those three as the holy trinity of fast food condiments.

I spent the entire time between bites of the burger talking about how great it was, that tells you everything you need to know.

The Menu

The Hours

Wrapped Burger in hand

The Double Cheeseburger

Mac’s Drive-Thru (since 1987)
Facebook: Mac’s Drive Thru
129 NW 10th Avenue
Gainesville, FL 32601