What Happened To The McDonald’s Fried Apple Pies?

Depending on your age the pictures here may cause confusion or excitement.

In 1992 McDonald’s would remove permanently their fried Apple Pies from the menu. Why? To add the baked ones that can be found today.

McDonald's Apple Pie switch to Baked
Article from September 23, 1992

It is in my opinion, an unforgivable crime.

The bland oven-baked version was and is nowhere near as good as the original.

The texture of the original’s crispy exterior along with the more flavorful apple insides left an impression on me that I never forgot.

McDonald's Fried Apple Pie at the Drive-thru
Once upon a time…
McDonald's Fried Apple Pie
Ronald, bring this Fried Apple Pie back!

There was a period of time that you could find the Fried Apple Pie at any McDonald’s Express but that changed too.

There were rumors of a McDonald’s in Key Largo, Florida that sold them. Once I checked it out, unfortunately not true.

McDonald’s franchisees in Tampa and Miami, Florida sell the legendary fried pie.

Well, they did sell it until McDonald’s corporate put a stop to it in 2018.


3rd McDonalds in Downey, California
The McDonald’s in Downey, California

Currently, only the McDonald’s at 10207 Lakewood Boulevard on Florence Avenue in Downey, California sells the fried pies. This particular location has more leeway than other U.S. locations. It was the third McDonald’s restaurant to open way back on August 18, 1953.

Also, all of the McDonald’s locations in Hawaii sell the legendary McDonald’s Fried Apple Pie.


The Burger Kings in Mexico serve fried apple pies.

😞 UPDATE: As of June 2018, McDonald’s has converted all Florida stores to a new version of the baked apple pie. It is the end for the time being of our beloved fried apple pie nationwide.


  1. Tried the Popeye’s NO To the Cinnamon & Sugar ~ It;s the Pie Filling I want to taste after that crunch of seemingly Rice Paper Dough ! There’s got to be a Home Recipe & or Frozen Option to get these (I’ll ship them from Iran) I just want them !! I Can Deep Fry …

  2. You can also find the crispy apple pie at McDonald’s overseas in London, Sydney (Australia), Stockholm (Sweden), and Milan (Italy). These are locations I have visited and tasted the yummy deliciousness of it!

  3. All the McDonalds in Hong Kong have the wonderful fried apple pies along with a variety of fillings depending on the season/holiday. Ate 2-3 a day when we visited 9 years ago. Also, my wife has a cousin who was manager of a McD’s Express in downtown Boston, up until about 6 years ago they still had the fried apple pies and he told us the reason they had been eliminated was space issues, they needed an additional frying machine for the fried ap whereas the baked ones were just being defrosted and reheated in the microwave. Alas, his location underwent a renovation and they no longer sell the fried ones.

    1. Hey Tony,

      That’s great to hear that those delicious pies are still available in Hong Kong but that is a very long flight for some dessert.

      All the Express locations in South Florida underwent the same “revamp” some years back.