What Happened to McDonald’s Fried Apple Pies?

I grew up eating McDonald’s Fried Apples Pie in Miami, so you can imagine my sadness when they switched to the inferior baked Apple Pie, which has been on the menu for over 30 years. McDonald’s Fried Apple Pie had a long initial run from its debut in 1968 (the same as the Big Mac) until September 1992.

So what happened in September 1992? Our beloved McDonald’s Fried Apple Pie was permanently removed from the regular menu for “health concerns.”

The delicious fried pies were replaced with the baked scoundrels available today, even though those, too, were recently revamped.

McDonald's Apple Pie switch to Baked
Article from September 23rd, 1992

This was an unforgivable crime. The texture of the original’s crispy exterior and the more flavorful apple insides left an impression on me that I never forgot.

McDonald's Fried Apple Pie at the Drive-thru
Once upon a time
Fried Apple Pie pocket
Fried Apple Pie pocket
McDonald's Fried Apple Pie
Ronald, bring this Fried Apple Pie back!

There was a time when you could find the fried apple pie at any McDonald’s Express, but that went away too, like the Tax Relief deal. There were rumors of a McDonald’s in Key Largo in South Florida that sold them.

I drove over an hour to verify but unfortunately not true. For a short time between 2014 and June 2018, there were McDonald’s franchisees in Tampa and Miami, Florida areas, selling the legendary fried apple pie. Still, McDonald’s corporation put a stop to those great days.

So, it is the end for the time being of our beloved fried apple pie in the contiguous United States.

Does anyone sell the McDonald’s Fried Apple Pie?

3rd McDonalds in Downey, California
The McDonald’s in Downey, California

Currently, the McDonald’s at 10207 Lakewood Boulevard on Florence Avenue in Downey, California, is the only restaurant selling fried apple pies. And there is a reason for that!

This particular McDonald’s location has more leeway than other U.S. restaurants. It was the third McDonald’s restaurant to open way back on August 18th, 1953; because of that, it has more control over its menu.

All McDonald’s locations in Hawaii sell the legendary McDonald’s Fried Apple Pie. I haven’t given up hope on the fried apple pie, making a return.

One last note, we need to ban together in a Facebook group and lobby McDonald’s. Cause Bring Back McDonald’s Fried Apple Pies and Bring Back the Original McDonald’s Fried Apple Pie Facebook groups total eight members between both of them, and that’s not going to cut it.

McDonald’s Gets Sneaky at the Bagels Are Back Launch Party

McDonald's Fried Apple Pies at the Bagels Are Back Launch Party
The Bagels Are Back Launch Party had Fried Apple Pie

McDonald’s pulled a great one on me and surprised me with a fried apple pie. During the Bagels Are Back Launch Party (May 1st, 2023), every member of my Burger Beast Burger Club was given a hot & crispy fried apple pie as a parting gift.

The fried apple pie was every bit as good as I remembered. It might be time to put the wheels in motion and make this happen nationwide!

History of McDonald’s Apple Pie Video

42 thoughts on “What Happened to McDonald’s Fried Apple Pies?”

  1. Okay. You’re all drivin’ me nuts. They’re DEEP-fried. Not fried.

    And the pies were deep-fried in VEGETABLE shortening. Same as the McChicken and the Filet-o-Fish and the nuggets. Could you imagine fish and chicken fried with beef shortening? Ewww.

    The fries and hashbrowns were the only things deep-fried in beef shortening.

  2. Up into the early 1990’s, McDonald’s fried everything in beef tallow (fat). This made everything super crispy and added a slight beef flavor to everything.

    But, beef tallow is a super highly saturated fat and is very bad for your heart. A rich McD’s customer who developed heart problems started a campaign to get McD’s to stop using beef tallow and switch to vegetable oil.

    Eventually this pressure campaign got results. McD’s switched to vegetable oil. McD’s foods are still high in fat, but just not the saturated fat that will kill you.

    McD’s actually adds “natural beef flavor” to its fries so that they still taste like the original fries.

    I suspect they moved to baked apple pies because they were trying to minimize the complaints about unhealthy fats.

  3. While I’m not a fan of Whataburger, they do have fried pies very reminiscent of the McDonalds fried pies of yesteryear.

  4. McDonalds the world wants the same fried apple pies you sold years ago such a disappointment with the baked ones you sell other unhealthy foods please bring them back

  5. I don’t believe the “health concerns” excuse either. The same place that sells us a quarter pounder and Big Mac pulls fried pies because they’re concerned about our health??

    • McDonald’s didn’t really do it by choice, at the time there was a lot of negative press about the health of McDonald’s and fast food in general. they changed a few items to shut the loudmouths up.

  6. I am from Taiwan, moved to Florida last year. I was surprised when I found out the McDonald’s apple pies in Florida are baked. We still have fried apple pies in every McDonald’s in Taiwan.

  7. The fried pies were vastly superior. The strawberry-cheese version of the baked pie is better than the apple version, but no match for the fried pies. Two other items from McDonalds’ past I’d like back are the steamed apple and cheese danish. They had a better texture and flavor than any of the disgusting breakfast sweets they have now. The only dessert-like items on the current menu that are not sickeningly over-suggared are the ice cream cones, sundaes, and the strawberry-cheese pies.

  8. I worked next to Boston City Hall about 10 years ago and the McDonalds on Washington st. was baking the baked ones on site. I only know because I had to wait 15 minutes while they were baking. They definitely are not good enough to justify the 15 minute wait; the fried ones were so much better.

  9. Was in the Tampa area until a few years ago. The first time I got the third generation ones, it was a sad day. Even the Florida Keys had them until recently. STUPID!

  10. The fried pie has nothing to do with being less healthy. We live in a litigious society here in good ‘ole ‘Murica and there is no doubt this change happened following a lawsuit over someone being burned. Mama bear probably bought a pie to shut junior up, but didn’t tell him the filling was lava hot even though the cardboard sleeve was clearly marked CAUTION: HOT. Junior takes a bite and whammo, watch the dollars roll as he screams loud enough to shatter glass and mama has a meltdown on the manager and McD’s HQ.

    • You are riffing on a famous myth spread by McDonald’s about the woman they burned though negligence.

      There was a McD’s that had a coffee maker with a broken thermostat. It served coffee at boiling temperature. It was far too hot to drink. The store ignored numerous customer complaints for a month.

      Then a car went through the drive thru. The coffee spilled on the lap of the woman in the passenger seat. The coffee was so hot that it instantly caused third degree burns. The woman required skin grafts and had hospital bills over a hundred thousand dollars.

      The woman merely asked that her hospital bills be covered. McD refused. When the jury got all the facts, they found for the burn victim, and were so mad they awarded her millions. The judge immediately set aside the award, and told McD and the victim to reach a settlement. The victim got her bills paid plus a modest amount for pain and suffering, and had to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

      McD immediately started to spread rumors about a clumsy woman and out of control juries. So this woman who had third-degree burns was vilified as a gold digger.

      The “coffee is hot” and “filling maybe hot” was all public relations to cover up the facts. They weren’t there for any legal reasons

  11. I want my fried apple pies back. I drove to key largo when they use to sell them many times and would buy 15 at a time, then they switched to the baked. Then I found out certain McDonalds in Miami carried them until last year I believe when they also switched to the disgusting baked ones!! What a tragedy this was! McDonald’s needs to bring these fried pies back!!! These baked ones are not even remotely tasty.

    Or why can’t we at least have the option of baked or fried?

  12. All the McDonalds in Hong Kong have the wonderful fried apple pies along with a variety of fillings depending on the season/holiday. Ate 2-3 a day when we visited 9 years ago. Also, my wife has a cousin who was manager of a McD’s Express in downtown Boston, up until about 6 years ago they still had the fried apple pies and he told us the reason they had been eliminated was space issues, they needed an additional frying machine for the fried ap whereas the baked ones were just being defrosted and reheated in the microwave. Alas, his location underwent a renovation and they no longer sell the fried ones.

    • Hey Tony,

      That’s great to hear that those delicious pies are still available in Hong Kong but that is a very long flight for some dessert.

      All the Express locations in South Florida underwent the same “revamp” some years back.

  13. You can also find the crispy apple pie at McDonald’s overseas in London, Sydney (Australia), Stockholm (Sweden), and Milan (Italy). These are locations I have visited and tasted the yummy deliciousness of it!

  14. Tried the Popeye’s NO To the Cinnamon & Sugar ~ It;s the Pie Filling I want to taste after that crunch of seemingly Rice Paper Dough ! There’s got to be a Home Recipe & or Frozen Option to get these (I’ll ship them from Iran) I just want them !! I Can Deep Fry …


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