Is McDonald’s Hot Mustard Discontinued?

McDonald's Hot Mustard Discontinued?

Save McDonald’s Hot Mustard! But first, let’s go back to where my conspiracy theory about my perceived end of Hot Mustard’s Chicken McNugget reign began.

Late last year, McDonald’s introduced a bunch of new dipping sauces for their McNuggets. I’m usually suspicious when any restaurant adds a new line or revamps anything.

I think it’s the old magician’s trick of redirection, watch over here while I do this over there.

The Original Chicken McNugget Sauces

I mean, I remember when the Chicken McNuggets were introduced at McDonald’s. The choices for sauces were BBQ, Sweet n’ Sour & Hot Mustard.

I never really got into the other sauces, just like I don’t care for any new sauces introduced last year. For me, Hot Mustard has always been where it’s at.

Nowadays, I eat Chicken McNuggets every couple of months when the craving strikes me. So at this point in the year, I’ve probably had them about 4 or 5 times.

What had me thinking they might start phasing out the Hot Mustard began about three months ago. I asked for Hot Mustard, and when I got home, there was no sauce at all.

Ok, it happens to the best of us!

Next time, I ask for Hot Mustard, and when I get home, there’s Honey Mustard. It’s also when I noticed the Chicken McNugget box inside lists all the sauces except for one.

You guessed it…Hot Mustard!

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McDonald's Chicken Nugget Box Lid
My grainy conspiracy-like pic of the Inside lid of a McNuggets box

My grainy conspiracy-like pic of the inside lid of a McNuggets box. I know that something is definitely up with the Hot Mustard. 

So I emailed and asked McDonald’s public relations company. They claim it’s still part of the sauce line-up. It doesn’t make any sense.

Let’s be honest, I didn’t for one second think they would come clean and just answer that it’s on the outs. If it is about to become obsolete, should we all stock up?


Will we be forced to make this copycat recipe to fill the sauce void left in our lives?

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  1. The hot mustard sauce is back! They finally brought it back! I don’t know why no one has made an announcement at McDonald’s, but I’ve had it three time at two different McDonald’s this week.

  2. everything they make tastes like soy flavored cardboard anyhow, so it’ll be no big deal when I keep driving by. Plenty other choices exist. Some genius who perhaps doesn’t like hot mustard came up with the idea that less is more. Just one more way to push something “LIKE GREAT VALUE ” broken potato chips. UMMM Ummm!!!

  3. I stopped eating or purchasing the mcnuggets once they discontinued the hot mustard sauce. I do not like their other sauces their terrible. Will not go to Mcdonald’s at all until hot sauce returns.

  4. We have it back here in Columbus, Ohio but what I’d like to know is why they made the decision to discontinue it in the first place. Does ANYBODY know???

  5. Try this:
    Everyone should go into a Mc Donald’s……Order a 20-piece, and maybe some other stuff……When the food comes, ask for hot mustard……Ask for a refund when they explain it’s been discontinued……The franchise owners will get sick of all the returned orders and complain to corporate……It’s also entirely possible this is just a stunt to get people talking……..Either way, waste their time and money and they’ll eventually listen.

  6. Whatever Exec.or decision maker did this just cost McDonalds a lot of money, Bring the hot mustard back.

  7. they need to bring back hot mustard I love that sauce that’s the only reason why I go there is to get that sauce same with my boyfriend so there you lost two customers and also his two kids so 4 and they will keep on looseing them unless they bring them back

  8. I loved hot mustard sauce i put it on everything fries big macs cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets the other sauces are either too sweet or too spicy mcdonalds got rid of it because they thought they can make more money with the other sauce this tragedy is almost as bad as getting rid of ketchup

  9. Hot Mustard is the only reason their McNuggets are palatable. The Habanero Ranch they replaced it with sucks.

  10. we stopped in mcd in ontario the other day and ordered nuggets. the girl asked what sauces so I said hot mustard…as usual. she didn’t say they discontinued it…just put honey mustard in the sack. So disgusted with them. I told my husband I will never stop at a mcdonalds again. we are not fast food eaters but the nuggets are a good snack when we are on the road. Why get rid of what we like and replace it with a hot sauce that is really gross and sickening!? Come on,,,get a life. It is short enough so give us what we like so we can enjoy what we eat!!!

  11. We just got done berating the famous “it’s not delivery” pizza brand for changing their sauce and seasonings and then just found out md D’s discontinued the famous hot mustard sauce. The ironic thing is that my pizza complaint mentioned how smart companies keep the status quo, like McDs D’s. I said they may add to their menu but they’re smart snuff not to mess with their core menu items. You know, the ones we have counted on for say Decades!!! Imagine my shock to order nuggets with hot mustard and get to the window to find no sauce in the bag. Then I asked the tight lipped drive thru girl where’s my sauce to only then be made aware of the fact they dont have it anymore. I looked at her in total disbelief and settled for some crappie honey mustard which everyone k owns is reserved only for actual chicken strips. Bottom line – NO HOT MUSTARD, NOT F-N MCDONALDS FOR US!!!! To think I actually used them to promote a marketing strategy which was completely false. MCDONALDS WAS BUILT ON PEOPLE FROM MY GENERATION. IF YOUR GOING TO CHANGE AND EXPECT TO SURVIVE IN THIS ECONOMY, YOU BEST WAIT TILL WE ALL DIE OFF!!!!

  12. As much as I like your conspiracy theory, it doesn’t make sense. Your not buying the sauce your buying the nuggets. My concern since so many people like the hot mustard sauce would be what’s wrong with the sauce?

    1. The proper use of commas and apostrophes would’ve rendered your post a bit more readable.

  13. Bring back my Hot Mustard MothaF**KERS or I’m gunna start breaking sh*t!! Like those awesome new computer screens near the menu! Don’t forget I know where you work b*tch. J/J ……………….. Or am I?

    1. Just went to McDonald’s I ordered my nuggets and no hot mustard! I cancelled my entire $30.00 order, I won’t be back till the hot mustard is back, the rest of my family will get their burgers elsewhere!

  14. I rarely eat McDonald’s, but had a craving for nuggets and hot mustard. I found this posting because I couldn’t believe it when she told me they no longer have it. Irritating!! Luckily I have a few at home. Maybe I should put a couple on eBay. Haha

  15. This is very unfortunate. I don’t eat McDonald’s but on the rare occasion that I am craving, what? The chicken nugget! And I only eat the nuggets for the hot mustard sauce. All I needed was a reason to quit for good. They are losing a loyal, sometimes customer!

  16. I have been eating hot mustard for the last 34 years . Man I guess no more Mickey D’s corporate bigwigs are a f****** jokeall they do is look at the numbers not the actual happy customer.

  17. OK. I just found out from my 3 children that it was discontinued. My kids are 23,22,18 and they along with my wife and I have been hot mustard addicts cradle to grave. We were all blown away. Great marketing plan if it was to stir things up, bad if not. Please bring back the hot mustard to satisfy another generation of Burke’s.

  18. OMG. This is so funny. I get the craving 4-5 times a year for McDonalds and put that hot mustard sauce on everything!! (not just the nuggets). I just got back and found out that it was discontinued. The other sauces are garbage!!

  19. Just told manager never eatting here again 5 min ago
    everything i eat there I dipped in hot mustard I HATE MUSTARD hot mustard was the only mustard I liked

  20. they gotta bring it back.. what else am I gonna eat on my MCchicken since I’m allergic to Mayo I will not eat that nasty BBQ sauce on it

  21. I cant believe this! My daughter just called me screaming and I still thought she was joking. I dont like anything else there, so I guess there is no reason for us to go back. They offered her another kind (she cant remember) and she said WTF. And they told her it is gone! She said she was too!!

  22. This is the BEST article. I’m blown away by your investigative skills. 2012! You were ON IT!
    I just wrote in a letter about the discontinuation. Then after googling to make sure i wasn’t the only one who cared, here I am. The line that got the best laugh was “something is definitely up with the hot mustard”
    HhahahahahHAHAHA. Haven’t LOL’d like that in a while. Thank you for making me laugh during this sad time.


  23. Boycott McDonald’s!!! I should give up McShitty’s fast food anyhow, but this just seals the deal.

  24. My husband picked up some McNuggets for me last night and guess what? I got HONEY Mustard – NOT HOT Mustard. As far as I am concerned, I am never eating another McNugget again! Bring Back Hot Mustard! Who do I complain to about this!!!

  25. I just found out about this. You’d better believe I called McDonald’s about it. This injustice will not stand!!!

  26. How funny, my boyfriend told me tonight he is over McDonalds and i asked him why…long story short= I googled the question “Did McDonald’s discontinue Hot Mustard Sauce”…and found this article! ? It was comforting to see how many other people felt the pain of this sauce going away. BRING THIS SAUCE BACK or you will loose customers McDonalds!!!! How dumb is it for a successful corporation to discontinue something that’s been a staple for almost 3 decades! Who’s the new 20 year old dumb ass sitting in the big chair??

  27. I’ve been eating hot mustard with my chicken nuggets since I was a little child I’m now 28 years old….my sister and mom eats it too!!! I can understand if it was a new sauce that just got discontinued, but not “HOT MUSTARD” I don’t eat nothing else with my nuggets, but HOT MUSTARD….I will not be eating at McDonald’s anymore…

  28. Nooooo!!!! Trying to eat my burger as we speak, but without the hot mustard to cover up the dry tastelessness, this burger is DISGUSTING!!!!

  29. I am sitting at McDonalds with no food in front of me…. Because without the hot mustard sauce what would I dip my fries in?

  30. way to go McDonald’s, you can’t even pay your workers a living wage and now you take away our hot mustard… go f*** yourself McDonalds.. I hope you die in corporate hell along with walmart!

  31. man its good to see this post ….i am in the middle of storyboarding an animation im putting on youtube to ring hot mustard back… has deeply upset me…so i am using animation to gather a campaign to bring hot mustard back,,,,,

  32. WTF, Just went to MceeDees and asked for Hot Mustard. The kid say it’s no more, I said, WTF, no way, stop playing a joke on me…Came home looked it up and here I am……Well McDonalds…..I guess you will be losing me forever….Can’t stand they end breakfast at 10:30AM where I live, can’t stand the Mc Rib Conspiracy, and now the end of Hot Mustard…..Guess it’s time for a new quick burger joint!!!!

  33. They really messed up. I bet when sales decline it comes back. I can’t eat McNuggets without it. I also dip my fries in it. I am sitting here dipping them in ketchup and its just not the same. Those Bastards! I propose we march to McHeadquarters and go McRiot on their arses

  34. Not happy will not eat McDonald’s again until hot mustard is back that’s the only reason I eat there I use it on everything

    1. SAme here I used it on everything…LOL! NOPE I just eat egg Mc Muffins there, But use Hot Mustard on a egg McMuffin. It was so good. Then They charged me 30 cents extra for it. SO ok I loved it I paid. But went today they said NO MORE HOT MUSTARD! God thing I had one at home. SO no more egg mc Muffins. BYE BYE BYE OLD MCDONALD

      1. You said exactly what we wanted to say. The sausage McMuffin with egg is made perfect with hot mustard. McDonalds brought HOT MUSTARD SAUCE back before, now is the time to restore a flavorful item with a new promotion.

  35. This news makes me miserable. I emailed McDonald’s myself just this morning when they tried to pawn off gross Honey Mustard on me. HELL NO!

  36. They torture animals, make nuggets with pink slime and quite possibly your mc rib is not even a mc rib… The sauce mix of sweet and sour and hot mustard is the only thing good ever to come out of mc Donald aka Nasty…

  37. Hot mustard was introduced in the late eighties for a limited time Asian style meal that included chopsticks. I’m not joking. Hot mustard was discontinued and brought back by popular demand.

  38. The McDonald’s in my area still has the Hot Mustard available for inside dining. Pump it in the little paper dipping cup!

  39. i  guess  one   should post a  sign  in the  franchise stating   place your  order and  consume  at  your  own  risk

  40. mcdonalds on paul  has  the  hot mustard  sauce
    today  oct 20th  they   decided i  wanted  this  sauce on my bacon cheeseburger because  the  employee working  decided not to  open   the  regular mustard as  it  would  go to  waste
    however   they  neglected to  inform  me  of  the  change making  this  the  second  mistake  on the  order  which i placed
    so yes if  you  want  a   sure  surprise  just  visit this location especially   during the  wee hours of the morning

  41. They do not list it probably because it is not a sauce but rather a condiment, just like “ketchup” is not listed. Now, I am curious to try that hot mustard (if I find it) as I never had it before; is it like the one you find in Chinese take out bags?

    1. well  go to  the  dieppe  mc donalds they  will  put it on  you  bacon cheeseburgers for  you   and  not  advise  you  of  them  doing  so

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