Miami Burger Chain History in the Miami New Times

While my blog began its life as a search for great burgers in Miami, it grew to include many associated historical topics.

A few years ago, during National Burger Month, I wrote four pieces for the Miami Herald and I did those as a tribute to my late grandfather, who loved reading and re-reading the Herald daily.

I’ve been reading the Miami New Times forever and even advertised my horror shop in the print version back in tha day. However, the Miami New Times’ grittier take on the news was more my style.

When I spoke to Laine Doss, the food and spirits editor about Burger Beast (yes, I just referred to myself in the third person) writing for the Miami New Times, she was all about it. So I knew that my first official story for the Miami New Times would need to be historical, not some maniacal scribblings.

Hence, the Five Miami Burger Chains That Made History went live online a couple of weeks back. My short but sweet histories of Insta-Burger King, Joe Namath’s Broadway Joe’s, Muhammad Ali’s ChampBurger, Rudy’s Sirloin SteakBurgers, & Wuv’s were fun to write.

I Made the Cover, Huh?

I was surprised when the decision trickled down that it would be the cover story. It had been nearly ten years since my first cover story, Let Me Tell You About the Frita, for edible South Florida.

I’ve never considered myself much of a writer. I mean, when someone tells me they’ve enjoyed a social media post or something on my blog, I’m happy to have created something that moved them.

But here we are, almost 13 years after I wrote the initial post about some burger I found at a pizza joint that had no business being that good. I’m kinda like that pizza spot; no one saw me coming, and I’ve always tried to be the best possible Beast I could be.

Burger Beast - Miami New Times Cover
Miami New Times cover for June 24th-30th, 2021

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  1. Burger Beast. Need a favor. Birria tacos. I know I’m way behind in hearing about these but since my discovery I’ve searched far and wide for the best ones. Think I found a place near Marlins park but I’d love to see YOU the expert on all things meat to do a comprehensive review of all the Birria around South Florida.


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