Molina’s Ranch en Hialeah, Florida

The FGH kills me every time with her photos from Molina’s Ranch Restaurant (4090 E 8th Avenue) en Hialeah. A picture of the Bistec Artesano from Molina’s gave me the couple of sleepless nights that caused my visit here.

::::::::::: WARNING: Please don’t lick the screen when looking at the pictures below :::::::::::

Mariquitas from Molina's Ranch in Hialeah, Florida
Mariquitas/Fried Plantain Strips

I had not been to Molina’s since it was at its previous location across the street; I’m talking at least 20 years ago with my late grandfather Gollo. He was the fella who would turn my family on to all the Cuban & Spanish spots.

Molina’s Ranch has Wi-Fi Facebook and an Instagram page, so they seem to be with the program. I had a great bunch of great memories rush back to me when I walked in.

Sausage & Peppers from Molina's Ranch in Hialeah, Florida
Chorizo Saltado/Sauteed Sausage

These real-deal Cuban cuisine joints will do that to me. I mean, I had hundreds of meals with the immediate family unit of my parents, my maternal grandparents, and my sister at places just like this.

These Cuban comfort food restaurants are now food icons in South Florida.

Molina’s Ranch Cuban Food

If you come to Molina’s, you will get great home-cooked Cuban Food. Some dishes like the vaca frita (Fatgirl Hedonist swears by this), mariquitas, and moros are must-order items.

The Bistec Artesano  (breaded steak topped with ham & Swiss cheese) is just plain ridiculous, and the croquetas are excellent. This is one of those places where it would be tough to have a bad meal.

Bistec Artesano from Molina's Ranch in Hialeah, Florida
Bistec Artesano/Artesan Steak covered in Ham & Swiss Cheese
Croquetas de Jamon from Molina's Ranch in Hialeah, Florida
Croquetas de Jamon/Ham Croquettes

Go and enjoy the real deal at Molina’s.

Once you open up the menu, you’ll know what to do, and don’t forget dessert.

Flan from Molina's Ranch in Hialeah, Florida

P.S.: While I didn’t mention it, Fatgirl Hedonist joined me for lunch. Make sure to check out her post about Molina’s Ranch Restaurant.

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