Moonlight Drive-In in Titusville, Florida

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I’ve got a list that I carry with me of restaurants that I’d love to eat from one day. Moonlight Drive-In (1515 S Washington Ave) has been on this “list” for over five years. Every time I tell myself that I’m going to stop in on one of my trips to Central Florida, something happens to change the course of that plan, but I finally made it!

To get the full experience, we park and place our order with the carhop. There is the option to eat inside, but I wanted to keep it old school. Our carhop runs in our order, and before you know it, I’ve got a tray of food hooked on my window.

The chili dog features an all-beef chili more in keeping with Coney-style chili dogs. You’ll hear no complaints from me as I love beanless chili on my hot dogs. I would have added a chili cheeseburger to my order if I had been on my game a little bit more.

My double cheeseburger had some pickles on the bottom bun, always a pleasant surprise. It’s a perfect little ditty.

The same family owned the Moonlight Drive-In since the doors opened in 1964. The Moonlight recently sold, but the new owners are keeping everything the same, which is excellent news for us.

I wish I had grown up eating in a place like the Moonlight Drive-In. Miami’s drive-in restaurant culture is non-existent, unfortunately. 

Moonlight Drive-In Menu

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Moonlight Drive-In Food Pictures

Moonlight Drive-In Menuboard
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Chili Dog
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