Moonlight Drive-In – Titusville, Florida

The Moonlight Drive In has been doing its tasty thing since 1964. The Moonlight has curb service so feel free to pull up, park and eat in your car!

I’ve got a list that I carry with me of restaurants that I’d love to eat from one day. Moonlight Drive-In has been on this “list” for over five years. Every time I tell myself that I’m going to stop in on one of my trips to Central Florida, something happens to change the course of that plan, but I finally made it!

To get the full experience, we park and place our order with the carhop. There is the option to eat inside, but I wanted to keep it old school. Our carhop runs in our order, and before you know it, I’ve got a tray of food hooked on my window.

The chili dog features an all-beef chili more in keeping with Coney-style chili dogs. You’ll hear no complaints from me as I love beanless chili on my hot dogs. I would have added a chili cheeseburger to my order if I had been on my game a little bit more.

My double cheeseburger had some pickles on the bottom bun, always a pleasant surprise. It’s a perfect little ditty.

The same family owned the Moonlight Drive-In since the doors opened in 1964. The Moonlight recently sold, but Shawn and Jessie Landry, the new owners are keeping everything the same. That is great news for us.

I wish I had grown up eating in a place like the Moonlight Drive-In. Miami’s drive-in restaurant culture is non-existent, unfortunately. 

Moonlight Drive-In Menu Page 1

Moonlight Drive-In Menu Page 1

Moonlight Drive-In Menuboard

Tray of Food

Chili Dog

Double Cheeseburger

Moonlight Drive-In
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1515 S Washington Ave
Titusville, Florida

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