Morro Castle in Little Havana Building

Morro Castle in Little Havana, Florida

If you’re not into the open air type of thing, then this is not the place for you. Morro Castle is located in Little Havana.

It’s one of those places you probably drive by and say to yourself, I’m going to stop there one day but never do. It’s not too far from where I live, so I decided to drop in (this Morro Castle is no longer owned by the same person as the one in Hialeah but it is the same family).

There were a couple of people being very loud when I walked in. This was just confirmation to me that I was in Little Havana.

Seating Area

I go to the counter to order, and the two servers were moving so slow I thought that maybe what they needed was some Cuban coffee. After having spent some time there, now I think what they needed was air conditioning.


I’m also ordering food for my sister and father. I order a few fritas, a “grilled” cheeseburger, papitas fritas (aka french fries), some churros, and a couple of flans.

Now, the frita was very very good, that’s two verys if you’re keeping count at home. The Morro Castle frita comes with raw onions, ketchup, and their homemade tiny potatoes (julienne cut). This frita probably has the most pronounced chorizo flavor of all the old school fritas in town.

The grilled cheeseburger tasted OK and had that processed rubbery American cheese. The type that your intestines will not be able to get rid of for a few weeks (I’m sickly in love with this type of Cheese for reasons I can’t explain). The papitas fritas aka fries were the regular suspects. I’ve had them before and they were just fine.

As per my sis, the churros are better than La Palma, and I thought so too. The flan was great, it was creamy and had a hint of coconut flavor.

So if you’re ever in Little Havana, stop by and try their fritas, grab a flan and if it’s cold, then plan to wait in line for churros.

After 55 years in Little Havana, Morro Castle sadly closed its doors in May of 2017.


Morro Castle in Little Havana Menu Board
Morro Castle in Little Havan Menu Board circa 2010
Morro Castle in Little Havana Menu Page 1
Morro Castle in Little Havana Menu Page 1, circa 2014
Morro Castle in Little Havana Menu Page 2
Menu Page 2, circa 2014


French Fries
French Fries
Hot Dog
Hot Dog
Croqueta Preparada from Morro Castle
Croqueta Preparada
Steak & Eggs with Fries
Steak & Egg with Fries
Frita Cubana
Morro Castle Frita Cubana

Morro Castle is CLOSED
2500 NW 7th Street
Little Havana, Florida