Burger Beast's National Burger Month 2020
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National Burger Month 2020 is upon us again.

This year’s edition is a little different since we’re in the middle of this thing that shall not be named.

I will be doing some giveaways on my social media (Facebook & Instagram) plus the re-release of the Burger King book and George Motz’s new web series round out things to look forward to in May 2020.

And how can we forget restaurants rising to the occasion with new burger creations?

Bookmark this page as it will be updated throughout National Burger Month 2020 as new worthy content becomes available.

Stay safe out there!


May 4th – May 8th – A copy of The Burger King book by Jim McLamore

Week 2 (May 11th – May 15th) – Martin’s Potato Rolls bread & swag

May 18th – May 22nd – Burger Beast Burgers & BEAST sauce from Cuban Guys

Week 4 (May 25th – May 29th) – Schweid & Sons burgers


The Burger King, my favorite book about burger business and history, has just been re-issued.

The book chronicles Jim McLamore’s (co-founder of Burger King) life in the restaurant industry and all of the struggles and successes during his tenure running the Burger King brand.

If you’re in Miami, it’s currently available locally at Books & Books and next week through Amazon.

Make sure to check out their website and Instagram for more photos and historical information not included in the book.

Be on the lookout for my full review of the book soon.

The Burger King book by Jim McLamore
The Burger King book by Jim McLamore


George Motz‘s new show the Burger Scholar Sessions premieres Tuesday, May 5th, on youtube.

I don’t know much about the Burger Scholar Sessions, but I do know that based on this trailer alone, it is going to be epic.

Burger Scholar Sessions Episode 1



Babe’s Meat & Counter

The Babe MackSingle house-ground patty, diced onions, house Russian dressing, shredded lettuce, and American cheese on Martin’s Potato Roll.

CAO Bakery

CAO Bakery Frita
CAO Bakery‘s La Frita CAO

Frita CubanaHouse-made blend of beef, pork, and chorizo patty, topped with house-made crispy shoestring fries inside a soft potato bread.

Cuban Guys

Burger Beast's Jorgey Boy
Burger Beast’s Jorgey Boy

The Burger Beast – 5 oz smashed beef patty with grilled diced onions, pickles, BEAST sauce, and American cheese on a Martin’s Potato Roll
The Burger Beast a Caballo – A fried egg tops your Burger Beast
The Dubly – A double version of the Burger Beast, Two 5 oz. smashed beef patties with grilled diced onions, pickles, BEAST sauce, and two slices of American cheese on a Martin’s Potato Roll
The Jorgey Boy – 5 oz smashed beef patty with grilled diced onions, pickles, BEAST sauce, tartar sauce, and American cheese on a Martin’s Potato Roll

*Even though it’s not listed, you could technically order a Double Jorgey Boy a Caballo, just saying.

Empanada Harry’s

Empanada Harry's Smokehouse Empaburger
Empanada Harry‘s Smokehouse Empaburger

Gilbert’s 17th Street Grill

The BEAST – Two 8 oz Certified Angus Beef burgers topped with American cheese, bacon, and Chef’s Secret Sauce on a brioche bun.

Killer Melts

Killer Melts Vader Burger
Killer Melts Vader Burger

The Vader BurgerTwo 3.5oz Imperial burger patties with melted Skywalker cheddar cheese, Jedi bacon, KM* Tatooine dijonnaise, caramelized Outer Rim onions, Endor arugula on a toasted dark-side bun.

Available at Kendall location in the month of May and at Yumbrella location for MAY THE FOURTH only.

Latin House

Latin House Slider Box
Latin House Slider Box

Slider Box8 Crack sliders with your choice of American or Swiss cheese, and a side order of fries.

Little Bird by Doce Provisions

Brisket Butter Burger from Little Bird by Doce Provisions​
Brisket Butter Burger from Little Bird by Doce Provisions

Brisket Butter Burger – Double smash brisket burger with butter drizzle, pimento cheese, little bird special sauce, & pickles on buttered brioche.

Magic City Pizza

Magic City Pizza Cheeseburger Pizza
Magic City Pizza Cheeseburger Pizza

Burger Beast Cheeseburger Pizza A large pizza with a tasty base of BEAST sauce topped with seasoned ground beef, cooked onions, Velveeta cheese, and then some more BEAST sauce drizzled on it.

Masa Craft

Masa Craft Juicy Juana
Masa Craft Juicy Juana

Juicy Juana Croqueta Stuffed BurgerHam, bacon, and gouda croqueta stuffed burger with American cheese, caramelized onions, WOO! sauce, lettuce, and tomato on a Martin’s Potato Roll.

Pinegrove Market & Deli

Pinegrove Market & Deli's Hoss Burger
Pinegrove Market & Deli‘s Hoss Burger

Hoss BurgerFresh ground steak burger with fried onion rings, Havarti cheese, housemade Nader’s hot sauce, and a fried egg on a brioche bun.

Proof Burger at Navé

PROOF Burger
PROOF Burger is all its glory

The majestic PROOF Burger is available every Monday at NAVÉ, don’t miss out on this gem.

Sakaya Kitchen

Sakaya Kitchen Smash Onion Burger
Sakaya Kitchen Smash Onion Burger

Apocalyptic Burger 5 oz smashed burger patty topped with American cheese, apocalyptic-style onions, onion rings, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, snd apocalypse sauce on a brioche bun.


USBS Two Day with Cheese Stamp
Two Day with Cheese Stamp from USBS

USBS is back at Boxelder every Friday, make you go to their website to pre-order these delicious beauties.

IMPORTANT: Remember, this burger is ranked #1 on my Top 25 Burgers.


Boyce General Store

Boyce General Store Tex-Mex Burger
Boyce General Store Tex-Mex Burger

Tex-Mex Burger – A Boyce burger with cheese sauce, creamy jalapeño sauce, jalapeños, and fried tortilla strips.


Halo Burger

Halo Burger Double Cheeseburger
Double Cheeseburger from Halo Burger

Halo Burger will be re-opening six of their eight restaurants for drive-thru, carry out, and online ordering returns this Friday, May 1st. 

Weston’s Kewpee

Weston's Kewpee Crumbled Olive Burger
Weston’s Kewpee Crumbled Olive Burger

Crumbled Olive BurgerWeston’s Kewpee signature crumbled olive burger with cheese on a pretzel bun.

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