Celebrating National Burger Month 2022 with Burger Beast

My favorite month of the year is finally upon us, National Burger Month. Yes, every burger fiend should give May its proper due and celebrate the entire month as I do.

Don’t forget that Monday, May 15th, is National Slider Day, and Saturday, May 28th, is National Hamburger Day. Unfortunately, those dates are commonly overlooked. It’s like forgetting your favorite cousin’s birthday; it shouldn’t happen.

There’s a bunch of cool stuff going on in the world of Burger Beast, including a weekly Specialty Burger at my restaurant Crackers Southern Dining, our 2nd Camacho Bold Burger Battle, and a Burger BEAST Box to close out the month!

National Burger Month 2022
National Burger Month 2022

Some of my friends are running specials throughout May; only Babe’s Meat & Counter seemed to understand the assignment of getting the info to me before the month began. But, of course, we’re in Miami; tardiness is the norm, so as I get any other tasty things happening, I’ll add them to the burger agenda.

There’s also a Burger Beast Burger Club Meating this month; it might be time if you haven’t joined yet.

Babe’s Meat & Counter

This delicious number is the Babe Mack, a 5oz house-blend burger patty, 1K sauce, diced onions, and sweet pickles with shredduce on a Martin’s Potato Bun. This 🍔 beauty will be available all month long from the secret menu at Babe’s Meat & Counter in Palmetto Bay.

The Burger Beast does NHM 2022

Burger Beast BoxNational Burger Month Edition

Burger BEAST Box for National Burger Month 2022
The Burger BEAST Box for National Burger Month 2022

My Burger BEAST Box returns for National Burger Month in May 2022. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than cooking up some juicy fresh beef burgers for family and friends.

What’s in the box?

  • Eight half-pound custom blend (chuck, brisket & sirloin) fresh beef burgers
  • Tillamook Sharp Cheddar Cheese, eight slices
  • Babe’s Meat & Counter Bacon, eight thick strips
  • A pack of Martin’s Sandwich Potato Rolls
  • A bottle of Burger BEAST Guava Sriracha Ketchup Sauce
  • Burger Beast “IN BEAST WE TRUST” Insulated Bag
  • Plus miscellaneous stuff you’ll enjoy like maybe a Tony’s Chocolonely Bar or a coupon for a FREE Frita from Cuban Guys

If you live in Miami-Dade Country, we’ll be hand-delivering your BEAST Box in our new Burger Beast “IN BEAST WE TRUST” insulated for the last weekend of May 2022.

Why on that date? Saturday, May 28th, remember it’s National Hamburger Day!

Camacho Bold Burger Battle at Smoke Inn

Camacho Bold Burger Battle at Smoke Inn
Camacho Bold Burger Battle at Smoke Inn

The Camacho Bold Burger Battle at Smoke Inn (1030 Gateway Boulevard) in Boynton Beach, Florida, is our second burger-up event with Camacho Cigars in a multi-state series that will continue through early July.

Tickets are $50, details are at the Smoke Inn website.

Crackers Southern Dining

At my restaurant Crackers Southern Dining (78 Canal Street) in Miami Springs, a weekly specialty burger will be revealed on this page and social media the Monday before launch.

The Burger Beast Burger & Jorgey Boy (Burger Beast Burger + Tartar Sauce) are also both available for your eating pleasure during the entire month of May.

First up is the Ebb Pizza Burger, named after my brother from another mother, Ed. I realize the burger is named Ebb; that’s cause back in the day, my grandmother called him Ebb, not Ed.

Crackers Specialty Burger

The Ebb Pizza Burger
The Ebb Pizza Burger – 2 Slices of Mozzarella Cheese, Red Sauce, Roni Cup Peps from Magic City Pizza & Mayo on a Brioche Bun

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