Nevermind Awesome Bar & Eatery in Cape Coral

Now, I can’t lay claim to knowing about Nevermind Awesome Bar (927 E. Cape Coral Parkway East) beforehand or that I’ve had them on my list to try out forever. I was lucky that @porkrind suggested I try them out.

I spent a week in Ft. Myers on a family vacation. Then, I found myself driving to Cape Coral about half the time to eat. Fred was with me, and we came mentally ready for whatever Nevermind Awesome Bar had to offer.

The Unknown at Nevermind Bar

We were seated at a high top, and I spent most of the meal thinking someone was staring at us, but it was just a picture of Kurt Cobain that was infatuated with me.

The Chorizo Pate was all Fred as I’m not a pate kind of guy, but I did try it. Again, not my deal, but he loved it. We split the Volcano Spring Rolls as we do everything we eat when we’re out and about. I wanted them all for myself.

Our eating partnership works since, in cases like chicken wings, I go drums, and he does flats. The Crispy Parmesan Truffle Wings were crispy with parmesan cheese on them and just the right amount of truffle to not be overpowering.

The guys came with house-made ranch, buffalo, and sweet chili sauces. Please bottle that buffalo sauce as I need it near me at all times.

Burger Decisions to be Made

The exciting thing about the Buffalo Chicken Burger and Bitchin Triple Bacon Burger is that the buns are turned inside out and toasted, which works. Both come cut in half and are soaking in sauces, buffalo/ranch for the chicken, and espresso ketchup/ranch for the burger.

The Buffalo Chicken Burger was good but could not eclipse the greatness of the Bitchin Bacon Triple Burger. I hate hate hate hate, did I say hate burgers cut in half yet here is one time that I didn’t mind.

I thought the choice of sauces really was a little off the wall, and then you throw in that thick-cut bacon, and all of a sudden, you’ve got a home run on your hands. If I hadn’t mentally committed to having dessert, I would have ordered another.

It’s Dessert Time!

Fred is the dessert guy, but we opt for both available desserts, the Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies w/Rocky Road Cheesecake and something called CONUTS. The Chocolate Chip Cookies were just out of the oven with a little dab of whipped cream.

The Rocky Road Cheesecake was the right accompaniment for the five cookies and the right size too. I preferred this dessert over the CONUTS. The CONUTS are a mini sight to behold.

The freshly baked Chocolate Chip cookies topped with mini Red Velvet Donuts and whipped cream served with a side of Rocky Road Ice Cream. I’m pretty sure I saw Fred’s eyes leave their sockets for a split second when this dish arrived. He was mesmerized.

I never fell for the hype around red velvet over the years. It didn’t do much for me, but it was beautiful and tasted great. He’s still in love with it.  I think he’s writing up a marriage proposal to them as I type this up.

My only regret was not ordering the Little Pork Shanks & Green Sauce. It’ll have to wait for another visit. One last thing, they’ve got a private monthly dining experience called Cult Carne that might be worth looking into.

Nevermind Awesome Bar Menu

Lunch Menu

Nevermind Awesome Bar Food Pictures

Grilled Bread
Chorizo Pate
Chorizo Pate/Grilled Bread accompaniment
Volcano Spring Rolls
Crispy Parmesan Truffle Wings w/Buffalo, Sweet Chili & Ranch dipping sauces
Buffalo Chicken Burger
Fresh Cut Truffle Fries
Bitchin Triple Bacon Burger
Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies w/Ice Cream
Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies
Rocky Road Cheesecake
CONUTS w/Rocky Road Ice Cream
A CONUT….up close & personal

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