Nic’s New York Pizza – Hialeah, Florida

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Chef Nicola Berotolotti from Nic’s New York Pizza in Hialeah is the real deal.

Don’t believe me? Of course, you do, but this is straight from their website:

Chef Nicola Bertolotti, a second-generation Maestro Pizzaiolo from Calabria Italy, crafted his techniques in New York-style Pizza as the Chef at Fornino Pizza in Brooklyn and has won #1 Pizza in New York.

My first thought when I walked into Nic’s is that it feels like a classic New York neighborhood style Pizza spot. Just reading the menu, I was getting excited, but my mind was placing an order that was meant for a few people, not that it’s ever stopped me before.

Nic's New York Pizza Menu Page 1
Nic’s New York Pizza Menu Page 1
Nic's New York Pizza Menu Page 2
Nic’s New York Pizza Menu Page 2


The first thing out was the Foot-Long Fries topped in parmesan, which reminds me of funnel cake but has more in common with gnocchi. If you do order these, try to eat in unless you’re going to toaster oven them at home to keep them crispy.

Nic’s take on garlic rolls/knots is Garlic Parmesan Crescent Rolls with a side of red sauce. I’m all for re-invention, and it was good, but next time I’ll ask for heavy garlic.

The Meatballs are a tri-bend (Beef, Pork, and Veal) served in a party pack of four with a scoop of ricotta and some parm cheese. These Meatballs are incredible, and I still think I might be underselling them.

Instead of ordering a Calzone or Stromboli, I opt for the Chicken of their Pizza Roll family; its brother Pepperoni rounds them out. Another winner that you shouldn’t share with anyone.

I was a bite into my Lasagna Bolognese when I remembered there was one other thing coming. It turns out the Lasagna is also on the Meatball of “credibility.”

And then…

I had skipped out on ordering a full pie and went for their house specialty, the two-foot slice. This thing is massive, and I should have expected that given the name. Sometimes these over the top creations are nowhere near as good as they look. This is one case where it’s just as good, if not better. It’s a great New York-style slice, be it gigantic or not.

Foot Long Fries
Foot Long Fries
Foot Long Fries
Foot Long Fries
Garlic Parmesan Crescent Rolls
Garlic Parmesan Crescent Rolls
Meatball with Ricotta
Meatball with Ricotta
Meatballs with Ricotta
Meatballs with Ricotta
Chicken Roll
Chicken Roll
Chicken Roll
Chicken Roll
Lasagna Bolognese
Lasagna Bolognese
The 2 Ft Slice from Nic's New York Pizza
The 2 Ft Slice
Nic's New York Pizza 2 Ft Slice
2 Ft Slice


When I’m halfway through the slice, I text my bud Zavier to meet me at Nic’s.

I just had to share this place with someone.

He lives right across the way in Miami Springs, so he was here in less than 10 minutes.

I had a meatball order ready to go for him when he arrived as a welcoming gift.

So as he sits there downing the Meatballs, I ask him to close his eyes so he’ll be surprised.

Below, you can find a picture of his reaction to the 2 ft. pepperoni slice.

Meatballs Round 2
Zavier in awe of the 2 ft Pizza Slice
Zavier in awe of the 2 ft pizza slice


We were able to sneak in a few bites of the Nutella Tiramisu which, finally did us in. I highly suggest that you leave some space for it.

Nutella Tiramisu
Nutella Tiramisu

Nic’s is poised to rock Hialeah’s world, and to those lucky mother f-ers who live in the neighborhood where it’s located, I hate you. Yes, no jealousy just plain hate…lol

Do It To It:

Nic’s New York Pizza
158 Hialeah Drive
Hialeah, Florida

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