Paul’s Da Burger Joint in New York, New York

Paul’s Da Burger Joint has been located in New York’s East Village since 1989 when it was initially called Paul’s Palace.

The look of da joint is best described as a retro diner with “a whole bunch of stuff everywhere.”

Paul’s Da Burger Joint has over 20 burgers on the menu as well as the option to choose either beef or turkey (turkey is not a burger, but that’s a story/argument for another day).

All of the burgers are 8 oz. aka half-pounders.

Marcela decides to sit out this stop on our New York excursion but does order up some chili. Their chili is made up of beans, ground beef and was not served with any other toppings. She added some hot sauce and was good to go. After I uncover a bowl at our table filled with pickles, she also snacks on these.

I order the Alpine Burger, which comes topped with swiss cheese and I add bacon. All of the burgers are cooked on a flat grill, which is visible from my seat.

I watch with great anticipation as they melt the cheese by topping the patties with a metal dome. The burgers were juicy and fresh (they grind their sirloin in-house).

The Alpine with Swiss cheese and bacon was a good combo, but I should have added some grilled onions to the mix. Now, this will haunt me till the next time I’m in the New York area.

Paul’s Da Burger Joint Menu

Paul's Da Burger Joint Menu
Menu Page 1
Menu Page 2
Menu Page 2
Bowl of Chili
Bowl of Chili
Bowl of Pickles
Bowl of Pickles


Paul's Da Burger Joint Alpine Burger
Alpine Burger
BURGER NAMEAlpine Burger
SIZE8 ounces

You Gotta Visit Paul’s:

Paul’s Da Burger Joint
Neighborhood: East Village
131 2nd Ave (between 7th St & St. Marks Place)
New York, New York

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