Pincho Factory, 10 Locations & Growing in Miami

It seems as if it was just yesterday that someone told me about a new burger spot opening up in Westchester, Florida, called pincho something or other. The menu and food struck me; it was different from everything popular then.

Plus, it had been a long while since Westchester had something new that we could call our own. Some folks didn’t understand my initial obsession with what they were bringing to the Miami food table.

On more than one occasion, I was asked if I was a silent investor in the company, which I wasn’t. What I was, though, was someone who believed 100% in what Nedal, Otto, and Nizar had created.

PINCHO Flagler in Miami, Florida
PINCHO Flagler in Miami, Florida

Pincho Factory would evolve and pick up a key piece to their future success Adrian Sanchez. Adrian was the man behind all the incredible food at the Flying Saucer Food Truck (R.I.P.).

Once he joined the team, there was a shift in the foods they were producing for the better. I’m one of Adrian’s biggest fans but let’s keep it between us.

PINCHO (they dropped the factory part of their name) excels at representing Miami to the fullest. The look, the feels, and the taste of the food are very Miami.

It’s why they’ve resonated with us fans of the brand. And no, I am still not an investor in PINCHO, but I am a believer.

PINCHO Factory Store Decor

Westchester location counter mural, no longer there
Westchester mural
Pincho Coral Gables location
The wall at the Hialeah location

PINCHO Factory Menu

PINCHO Factory Menu front
PINCHO Factory Menu
PINCHO Factory Menu back
Menu back

PINCHO Food Pictures

Make sure to check in monthly to either the PINCHO website or social media to see what limited-time offer sandwich they’ve got going on.

Sweet Potato Tots
French Fries
Steak Pincho
Pincho Dog
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, no longer available
Quesadilla Burger, one of the monthly specials
Croquetessa, another burger specialty
The Foreman Burger, a secret menu item
Pincho Burger
Black Magic Burger by PINCHO on Flagler in Miami, Florida
Black Magic Burger

Toston Burger
PINCHO Spicy El Crispy Chicken
Spicy El Crispy Chicken
SoBe Burger Bash 2015 Trophy

This is the original beginning of the post on about PINCHO when it was called Pincho Factory back in late 2009.

Pincho Factory? Really? It may be named Pincho Factory but Pinchos are not even under consideration when there’s a Burger on the menu. My wife Marcela, that’s another story, she loves Pinchos (feel free to NOT leave jokes below). The girl at the counter suggested we add Fries to Marcela’s order of a Beef Pita (she agreed).  She made the same suggestion to add Fries to my Pincho Burger order, I decided to go with a side of Hot Dog (Vienna All Beef Hot Dog). Before anyone tries to ask for a side of Hot Dog, it doesn’t exist.

These are the 3 PINCHO locations that I frequent the most:

PINCHO – Flagler
9251 W Flagler Street
Miami, Florida
(786) 590-1455

PINCHO – Hialeah
4950 W 12th Avenue
Hialeah, Florida
(786) 409-2818

PINCHO – Westchester
9860 SW 40th Street
Miami, Florida
(305) 631-2038

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