PJ Clarke's New York

Before I even took a look at the menu at PJ Clarke’s (915 3rd Avenue, New York), I went to check out the restrooms. Someone had told me I should, and they were right. It was odd and very saloon-like.

I sat down, and while people overran the bar area, the dining area wasn’t anywhere near as full. I order their burger with cheese and decide not to go “The Cadillac” route (bacon & cheese).

Onions, though, are a different thing. The sides are a la carte (aka ordered separately). Instead of ordering the fries, which were the obvious choice, I ordered the mashed potatoes w/ gravy.

PJ Clarke's Mashed Potatoes
Mashed Potatoes

The mashed potatoes were very creamy and buttery. The turkey gravy served with it does it no justice. The potatoes stood well on their own.

Just as I was being served my burger, I saw someone at another table receiving their french fry order. The fries are served in a cylinder, and they seemed to have really enjoyed their fries.

PJ Clarke's Burger
PJ Clarke’s Burger

So, I’m served the burger, and my first thought is: Wow, this is a small burger!

It was obviously a freshly-ground burger, and while good, I didn’t find anything particularly special about it. I expected a little more, but hey, that’s me.

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