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Before leaving Fort Wayne, Indiana, our last stop was at Powers Hamburgers (1402 S Harrison Street). While Powers Hamburger didn’t originate in Indiana (*Dearborn, Michigan was its birthplace), it is their downtown Fort Wayne location that has stood the test of time. Since 1940, they’ve been serving up their onion burgers out of a tiny little grill that works overtime.

There aren’t many seats since the inside of the building is not very big. If you can snatch up one of the stools nearest to where the hamburger action happens, you probably should. There’s nothing like watching Powers Hamburgers create these tasty little fellas.

Powers Hamburgers in Fort Wayne, Indiana
Powers Hamburgers is OPEN for business

She ain’t havin’ burgers this early

Marcela likes burgers nowhere near the level I operate on. She was not about to eat a slider at 10 AM, no matter what I told her. She has some eggs with bacon, hash browns, and toast and is now content. This opens up the door to my order of a double with cheese and a coney dog. I do regret not having a small chili, but hey, I can’t win ’em all.

When the Double Cheeseburger is being made, the whole place is enveloped in a mesmerizing grilled onion smell, more on that later. I get my beauty of a Coney Dog with chopped onions and add some yellow mustard to complete it. It was the right appetizer for my burger main course.

Just as I had envisioned in my head years ago when I first read about Powers Hamburgers in Hamburger America, the Powers Double Cheeseburger was excellent. The only thing was, sitting at the counter had its repercussions. I smelled like a Powers Hamburger for the rest of the day, which didn’t work out too well for me later when I was hungry and stuck in a car on a road trip.

Powers Hamburgers Menu

Powers Hamburgers' Menu in Fort Wayne, Indiana
The Powers Hamburgers Menu

Powers Hamburgers Food Pictures

The Breakfast Special
Breakfast Special
The Coney Dog from Powers Hamburgers
Their Coney Dog
Powers Hamburgers Double Cheeseburger
Double Cheeseburger

*Historical info is from Powers Hamburgers: A Fort Wayne, Indiana, Treasure

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