Publix Subs are Great, Order them Online & Skip the Knuckleheads

Before I get into my love for Publix Subs or Pub Subs, as some call it, I guess you gotta shave seconds off your dialogue wherever you can.

My parents are Publix people, so as a teen I’d get sent to pick up some odds & ends for the house when I lived with them. I always dreaded looking at that list and seeing ham, cheese, or anything from the deli.

I knew I’d be stuck in line behind some knucklehead who could not make up their mind about what they wanted or had to complain about the thickness of their 1/8 of a pound of the cheapest priced ham slices. Over the years, I’ve probably wished every ailment known to man to whoever was ordering before me.

For a short time, I worked at a game store in Cutler Bay. There was a Publix in the same strip mall, so I found myself in there often looking for lunch.

Publix had recently launched their Boards Head sub-program where you could get your favorite cold cuts in sandwich form. The flashbacks to waiting in line behind the unbearables were too much for me, so I held out.

Boars Head Sub in the Deli Area
Boars Head Sign in a Publix Deli

Well, Hello Publix Chicken Tender Sub

Until one day, when I saw a small advertisement for their new Chicken Tender sub, I was already all about their chicken tenders. The thought of those fellas in a sandwich was too much to resist.

If memory serves me correct, I ate that sub every day of the week. This was the one time in my life that I remember looking forward to coming in to work.

I always order my Publix Chicken Tenders sub the same way, with Swiss cheese, yellow mustard, mayo, salt & pepper. That particular Chicken Tender sub was the gateway sandwich to expanding my subby horizons at Publix.

Over time I added a ham, turkey, Swiss cheese, yellow mustard, mayo, salt & pepper combo to my repertoire. And every once in a while, an almost merging of the two by adding some ham to that delectable chicken sub.

The Good Ol’ Days

Shit, I remember when you had to wait in line to order your subs. There were all of these indecisive dummkopfs of the world ahead of you in line. Someone, please kill me, I thought at the time,

Then one day, I called in my order, and that became my standardized method for getting my grub in a timely fashion.

Once the Publix App arrived in 2014, I could order through there. But the real game-changer was the Instacart App, where I could have my subs delivered with my groceries.

The selection of subs has expanded over the years, but I still stick to my faithful twosome.

And Publix, don’t think I haven’t taken notice of an Atlanta United Spicy Sub (Chipotle chicken breast, three-pepper colby jack cheese, bacon, red pepper jelly, whipped cream cheese, sea salt & black pepper potato chips, sliced garlic pickles, shredded lettuce and sliced onions) and an Orlando City Sub (Hot chicken tenders, cheddar cheese, black bean hummus, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, and avocado cilantro dressing) on the website.

There is no Miami-inspired hero? Shame on you!

Pub Subs I Love

Publix Cold Cuts Sub
Cold Cuts Sub
Publix Chicken Tenders Sub
Publix Chicken Tenders Sub
Chicken Cordon Bleu Sub
Chicken Cordon Bleu Sub

Publix Chicken Tender Bacon Sandwich

Publix’s recent menu addition of a Chicken Tender Bacon Sandwich was welcomed by open arms. The ingredients listed on the other hand, seem a little excessive.

Chicken Sandwich Clamshell
Chicken Sandwich Clamshell
Publix Chicken Sandwich
Chicken Sandwich

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