Quick ‘N Eat Flame-Grilled Angus Beef & Turkey Patties

After receiving an email asking if I’d like to try Quick ‘N Eat flame-grilled patties, I was at a burger crossroads. Number one, I don’t usually respond to anyone asking me to try their products, but I was intrigued.

I avoid frozen burgers like the plague, but I have enjoyed, on occasion, one here and there. White Castle Sliders come to mind, but those things are tiny and more of an afternoon or midnight snack.

The Quick ‘N Eat line is available in 3 oz. and 4 oz. Angus beef patties and 3 oz. turkey patties. They’ll be launching a bacon and cheese patty version early next year.

Quick 'N Eat Quarter-Pound Angus Burgers Bag
Quick ‘N Eat Quarter-Pound Angus Burgers Bag
Quick 'N Eat Half-Pound Angus Burgers Bag
Half-Pound Angus Burgers Bag
Quick 'N Eat Turkey Burgers Bag
Turkey Burgers Bag

There are only five ingredients in the beef (beef, water, spices, salt, & natural flavoring) and six in the turkey (turkey, salt, mustard, spices, natural flavors & garlic powder). They come frozen in resealable bags but are ready to eat after just two minutes in the microwave.

The Quick ‘N Eat packaging mentions that you can heat them in the oven or even throw them on a chargrill or flattop. But that kind of defeats the purpose when they’re already fully cooked.

Plus, if I’m buying this product, it’s cause I want something that can be ready to go quickly.

The Burger Moment of Truth

First, I attempted to cook one of the quarter-pound beef and one turkey patty in an air fryer. Save yourself the trouble, don’t do it. Microwaving these is hands down the best heating method.

Quick 'N Eat Frozen Quarter Pound & Turkey Burgers
Quick ‘N Eat Frozen Quarter Pound & Turkey Burgers in my Air Fryer

The half-pounder did take a little bit longer to be the right temp for me, but overall we’re talking they took in the 2 to 3-minute range. The beef was juicier, but that’s to be expected since turkey patties aren’t exactly known for always being succulent.

Half Pound Burger Open Face by Quick 'N Eat
Half Pound Burger Open Face
Quarter Pound Burger Open Face by Quick 'N Eat
Quarter Pound Burger Open Face
Turkey Burger Open Face by Quick 'N Eat
Turkey Burger Open Face

My parents were my co-taste testers. Pops toasted the buns lightly, and we let the American cheese do its own thing and melt.

They both loved the beef patties. However, we all agreed that the quarter-pounder was the real winner, and now I can see a possible double soon.

Quick 'N Eat Quarter-Pound Burger
Quick ‘N Eat Quarter-Pound Burger
Quick 'N Eat Half-Pound Burger
Quick ‘N Eat Half-Pound Burger

Please notice the beef burgers received the Burger Beast plate treatment. Sorry, but there is no such thing as a turkey burger. Alright, enough burger preaching from me!

Quick ‘N Eat burgers get a big thumbs up from me. I like them so much; they have a space in my freezer designated just for them.

Where to find Quick ‘N Eat Burgers?

Until recently, they were primarily available in Costco, Sam’s Club, and some regional supermarkets like Albertsons, Woodman’s Markets, and Giant Eagle. Quick ‘N Eat is now available at Walmart about a month ago.

The Walmart Neighborhood Market nearest to me never seems to have any. It’s OK, though, cause Sam’s Club sells a three lb. pound box that brings 12 quarter pounders.

You might also want to check out the website for some recipes.

Quick ‘ N Eat Burgers NO MORE

Quick 'N Eat! is No More
Quick ‘N Eat! is No More

In July 2022, Quick ‘N Eat! quietly updated its website and announced that it had made its last flame-grilled patties. It makes sense cause for the previous few months, it had been challenging to find any.

Yet, I think there is a solution. One of the Walmart brands, Marketside, sells individual microwaveable Angus cheeseburgers ($3), double cheeseburgers ($4), and bacon cheeseburgers ($3.50) that come on a sesame seed bun.

If I were a betting man, I’d say these are the same burger patties. Go ahead and try them and let me know,

Walmart Marketside Burgers + Great Value Cheeseburger 4 Pack
Walmart Marketside Flame Grilled Angus Cheeseburger, Angus Double Cheeseburger & Angus Bacon Cheeseburger + Great Value Cheeseburger Flame Broiled 4 Pack

Also, there’s a Great Value Cheeseburger 4-pack ($6.38) which is a good burger too!

Quick ‘N Eat UPDATE

Quick 'N Eat is BACK at Sam's Club
Quick ‘N Eat is BACK at Sam’s Club

September 8th, 2023 – As of this writing, the 12-pack of Quick ‘N Eat! is back at Sam’s Club.

34 thoughts on “Quick ‘N Eat Flame-Grilled Angus Beef & Turkey Patties”

  1. These were the best precooked burgers. So disappointed they sell them at Walmart anymore. They were my family’s favorite. My granddaughter (who is picky) these were her absolute favorite.

      • As of 03/14/24, mine and my son’s all time and the only favorite beef burger has returned. Waited for so so long, felt like a decade has passed. Just ordered 3 bags at Sams Club in Long Beach, CA for $16.98 each with $2 off. These are only in stock at certain location. Good thing that it’s only 7 miles away from my home. Hopefully the taste and texture will stay the same, so nervous but I have faith in this company. I can’t wait to go pick them up. Now I’d like to share the way cook to whoever wants to make best out of this already juicy patties: please don’t put in the microwave or bake in the oven or air fryer, you’ve just killed the best burger in the world. Let’s try to put it in the sauce pan with a very little of water. Turn on a medium heat for about 2 mins (same amount of time to microwave), make sure to flip so both sides can get brown, otherwise the top side will look kind of pale, not as beautiful as the cooked side. Ta-da, guarantee it will be super moist this way and it retains all the flavor. Before turning off the heat, flip the cook side to top and throw on a slice of cheese…. Yum yum… if you want to make this $1.42 burger look like $14.2 at a fancy restaurant, get the brioche buns with seeds or without at Walmart, Costco, Aldi (in ky opinion, Aldi or Walmart have the fresh ones). My gosh, these buns just make everything in them taste better. Now you have good burger and good buns… if you like Mayonnaise, get the Japanese kind, Kewpie is the brand for about $5, at any Asian markets. Last but not least, grill the diced onions with the pans that you just cook the burger… imagine how good life can be. Every time my son took the bite, my son felt like he was in paradise. He refused to eat burger outside ever since I bought this burger from Costco many years ago. He told me to open a restaurant with just this burger and he’ll be my only client

  2. Nope, don’t wat a hamburger, wife uses the QNE to make hamburgers, to break up in meat sauce for spaghetti, yada, yada. I sure hope these will be George burgers, all it takes is one business sale to screw up a good thing.

  3. Hands-down, the best pre-cooked frozen burger patty out there….and I have tried many! As of Sep 23, they are back on on some shelves. Anxiously waiting for Costco to take them back since there is no Sam’s Club nearby!!

  4. Agree with above reviewers that Quick-N-Eat burgers were the best. Loved the flavor, convenience, and price. Tried the Costco combo (with bun & cheese), but they pale in comparison—too dry, bland, & small. If Beast and/or followers find the originals, please let us know!

  5. Really, Really, Really want these burgers back! Have never had another frozen burger with the taste and texture of fresh!
    We tried the substitute at Costco and they were horrible. Gave them to my niece for pig feed!
    What an odd thing to do, to discontinue an item that I have only heard good things about!

  6. I don’t want a frozen burger with cheese and a bun! I liked the plain burger, flame broiled. I wish I had a product so much in demand! If they could not run the company profitably, sell it! Must be a family cluster. I bought the new item at Costco. Tasted like a tv dinner Salisbury steak. Horrible.

    • Really???? What do you know??? Do tell! I am among the hundreds of fans that have been trying to find a comparable premade burger….there just aren’t any! We’ve been serving them to our guests at a small camp in PA for several years, And had too many amazing compliments to count. Then Last year I was devastated when George’s announced that they were discontinuing. All of our guests keep asking what happened to our other burgers! They can’t bring them back fast enough for me!!!

    • I loved the Quik n Eat Angus burgers, they were the best! I haven’t found anything comparable and am excited to hear they are coming back. Can’t wait!!

      So happy I found this site before I sent a poison pen letter to the owner of Costco advising that there are five families that I know, including the COSTCO supervisor, who is not very happy that we can no longer enjoy your charbroiled burgers.
      Everything Costco is selling now is raw burgers and they can keep them. There’s nothing that comes anywhere near close to how wonderful and delicious your burgers are.
      Please advise ASAP!

  7. Well thus is horrible news. why would a company stop making something that was a) delicious and b) sold out everywhere and c) where a huge part of the diet world. UGH

  8. I totally agree. I had just started buying them and then haven’t been able to find them since. SO VERY DISSAPPOINTED. They were so delicious.

  9. So disappointed that Quick N Eat angus burgers have gone by the wayside. My sister and I (both seniors) were buying them from Costco – now…no more. Maybe the the company who makes them will see all of the reviews and either return to making them or sell the recipe to another burger company! One can hope!

  10. I was very leery of trying the quick n ready burgers. Sorry to say, I have tried many frozen, pre-cooked hamburgers and never liked any of them. My husband and I tried theses and they were INCREDIBLE!! A+++++++ They have restaurant quality taste, and ready in one minute in the microwave!! My brother from IL, thought the same thing, he tried to buy them, couldn’t find them up north. Then I couldn’t find them in our Walmart here. I had that sinking feeling that they were no longer being made. So sad. I hope someone can make something just as good, but those will be hard to beat!!!

  11. They should have sold their recipe, and processing information to another company. I would gladly pay more to have these available again. These burgers are better than any burger I’ve had at a restaurant! I NEED these burgers! My grandparents 93 & 89 at the time it was announced, were so disappointed, as we all were. We love these burgers! Do we need to do a March on the Quick N Eat headquarters with news crews? LOL They’re not there, but they would see the support and maybe go back into business. Again, I’m more than willing to pay more, and I’m sure I’m not alone. I hate to think that any burger the rest of my life will be a disappointment, because they’re gone.

  12. ugh… just thought the box had different graphics… these Don Lee Farms are horrible compared to Quick and Ready. This has been a staple in my diet for years. This sucks!

  13. Quick N’ Eat from CostCo were subbed to ‘Don Lee Farms’, for the last three months, Aug 22, Sept 22, Oct 22, Nov 22. Now Don Lee Farms has been discontinued. Don Lee in my opinion was inferior to Quick N’ Eat in taste test as Don Lee tasted like a vegetarian substitute. CostCo has put both on ‘Do not continue to stock’ basis. Huge MISTAKE. ITEM 1687985. The Frozen Angus Quick ‘N Eat was the better tasting burger than 99% of what was available to the discriminating consumer… They will be missed.

  14. Quick-N-Eat were Really the Best Burgers Ever! 🙂 🙂 Thanks, Burger Beast for Your review! Sad they are ‘no more’ Maybe, they may come back some day 🙂 Will follow your site for future Goodies 🙂

  15. Walmart and Sam’s Club have discontiued these. Apparently they were too popular and were taking sales away from the inferior Sam’s Choise Angus Burgers.

      • The QUICK ‘N EAT company is back. But only at SAM’S CLUB presently.
        The SAM’S CLUB where I live has the QNE patties, in packs of 12, for under $19 a pack.


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