Quickie’s Burgers & Wings in Hollywood, Florida

There were a solid three years where I practically lived at the Quickie’s Burgers & Wings (1000 South State Road 7) in Hollywood. Marcela and I were obsessed with the burgers, wings, and fries.

Quickie's Burger & Wings  Sign in Hollywood, Florida
Quickie’s Burger & Wings Sign in Hollywood, Florida

The current menu is inundated with a bunch of fried chicken and seafood, but this is what you need to get:

Original 1/3 pound Cheeseburger

Quickie's Burger & Wings Original Cheeseburger in Hollywood, Florida
Original 1/3 pound Cheeseburger

1 Pound Mother of All Burgers

Quickie's Burger & Wings 1 pound MOAB in Hollywood, Florida
Burgie Award Winning – One pound MOAB

Seasoned Fries with Quickie’s Sauce

Quickie's Burger & Wings  Seasoned Fries with Quickie's Sauce in Hollywood, Florida
Seasoned Fries with Quickie’s Sauce

Chicken Wings in Gold BBQ Sauce

Quickie's Burger & Wings  Buffalo Wings in Hollywood, Florida
Chicken Wings in Golden BBQ

Please do not deviate from these suggestions. I do not vouch for anything else on this menu.

Quickie’s Burgers & Wings has added restaurant locations in Dania Beach (141 S Federal Highway), Margate (1011 FL-7), and Miami Gardens (18405 NW 27th Avenue).

Quickie’s Burgers & Wings in 2009

Outside of Quickie's Burger & Wings in Hollywood, Florida
Outside of Quickie’s Burger & Wings in Hollywood, Florida

October 12th. 2009 – Quickie’s Burger & Wings has 2 1 location, 1 in Hollywood and the other in Pembroke Pines. The Hollywood location has a drive-thru, but we won’t be using that today.

The menu has everything from chicken to mahi-mahi sandwiches, but I think we all know the burger and wings are what they’re known for (if you don’t, you will soon). My wife Marcela orders the Quickie’s Original 1/3 pound Deluxe (meaning it brings lettuce and tomato) with cheese & bacon.

I have the Quickie’s Original 1/2 pound with bacon and cheese (all burgers have onion strings and Quickie’s sauce) and 12 Wings (6 Golden BBQ and 6 Extremely Hot) for good measure.

What About the Wings?

We decide on combos that include fries and a fountain drink. Let’s talk Wings. They were crispy and fried with no breading. The extremely hot was so freakin’ hot, but the Golden BBQ Sauce was pretty amazing.

Even better is if you ask, they’ll mix both sauces for you, which I’d suggest (although the medium and Golden BBQ are safer). The burgers were awesome.

They had a great smokey flavor, and the fries were good also (they had some housemade seasoned salt on them). A side of their Quickie’s sauce comes with your meal. Use the Quickie’s sauce to dip your fries; trust me on this one!

Quickie’s Burgers & Wings in 2014

Order Counter of Quickie's Burger & Wings in Hollywood, Florida
Order Counter

October 21st, 2014 – Let me give a quick background on Quickie’s Burger & Wings. I ate at Quickie’s Burgers & Wings for the first time when the Burger Beast blog was turning one year old.

I was instantly fascinated with the burgers and wings and took them up on their 4-pound burger challenge, which landed me on the front of the Tropical Life section in the Miami Herald.

We (my wife Marcela and I) would make the 45-minute drive from our home to Hollywood twice a week so that I could get some of that smoky burger goodness. But, unfortunately, the couple who opened and operated this Quickie’s (there was a second location in Pembroke Pines) were just not on the same page anymore. 

At some point during this, the food began to suffer, and my trips to Hollywood just became less and less until they stopped altogether. They sold off Quickie’s Burgers & Wings about a year and a half ago.

I went by shortly after the switch, but things still weren’t up to par.

Giving Them Another Shot

Flash forward to yesterday when I talked my cousin Fred into hitting them up one last time for old time’s sake. I’ve gotta pat myself on the back for that idea; it worked out gangbusters.

Everything tasted just as it should and did initially. They’re still using fresh beef patties, the highly addictive Cattleman’s Tangy Gold, I mean their homemade Golden BBQ Sauce on the wings, and the Quickie’s sauce is just as addictive as I remembered.

Although, if I was going to nitpick, the portions of fries and chicken were smaller. Also, they’re now using turkey bacon which makes sense since there is a Halal sign on the door.

I don’t care for the expanded menu, which seems to have every possible non-housemade deep-fried item available, from Jalapeño Poppers to Shrimp. But I’ll be back regularly as long as they keep making those burgers & wings just how I like them.

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