Best Regional Specialty Burgers in Miami

I’ve chosen to title this the Best Regional Specialty Burgers in Miami, but it should be called Miami’s 11 Best Regional Burgers, which I thought might not work if another specialty burger rears its head in South Florida.

All across the United States, if you do some traveling and/or driving as I do, you will encounter burgers that feature prominently in certain areas. For Miami, the Frita Cubana is our regional specialty.

However, I’m sure PINCHO would like for me to say that the Toston Burger is one also (which I kinda just did) since it’s popping up on menus everywhere. We’re not there yet with that one, in due time.

Regional Specialty Burgers in Miami

To learn more about Regional Specialty Burgers, check out my post “Regional Burger Styles You Need To Know,” and if you liked that, then you’ll really love my book about hamburger history, “All About the Burger.”

Now, onto the list!

Butter Burger from The Food Truck Store in North Miami, Florida


Specialty Burger Type: Wisconsin Butter Burger

South Florida Version: The Food Truck Store’s Butter Burger

Lil’ History: Way back in 1936, Kenneth “Solly” Salmon opened a small shop selling burgers with cooked onions and a heaping helping of butter that melted all over the patty and plate.

The Monster Burger


Specialty Burger Type: Colombia’s Comida Rapida Burger

South Florida Version: Monster Burgers‘ Monster Burger

Lil’ History: Colombia has a vibrant street food scene that includes arepas, hot dogs & burgers with over-the-top toppings.

Ted's Burgers OKC Burger


Specialty Burger Type: Oklahoma Fried Onion Burger

South Florida Version: Ted’s Burgers OKC Burger

Lil’ History:  Ground beef was expensive during the Great Depression. So Ross Davis would smash onions into his burgers to give his customers more bang for their buck with a bigger patty at his restaurant, the Hamburger Inn in Oklahoma.

El Rey de las Fritas in Miami, Florida


Specialty Burger Type: Miami’s Frita Cubana

South Florida Version: El Rey de las Fritas

Lil’ History: The Frita was street food at its peak in the 1940s and 1950s in Cuba.

Slider King Cheese Slider


Specialty Burger Type: New Jersey-style Slider

Miami Version: Slider King‘s Cheese Slider

Lil’ History: Sliders were the original version of the Burger that swept the nation. In 1921 Wichita, Kansas, when White Castle first opened up, they served Sliders (balls of 100% beef smashed on a flat top, covered in thinly sliced onions and buns that steamed right on top of the Slider).

MEAT Eatery & Taproom Inside Out Juicy Lucy


Specialty Burger Type: Juicy Lucy, aka Cheese Stuffed Burger

Miami Version: MEAT Eatery‘s Inside Out Burger

Lil’ History: The city of its creation is not in question, but Minneapolis’ Matt’s Bar and the 5-8 Club both lay claim to having created the Juicy Lucy in the 1950s or, in Matt’s Bars’ case, the Jucy Lucy.

Donut Burger by Pink Burgers


Specialty Burger Type: Luther Burger aka Burger w/Doughnuts replacing Buns

Miami Version: Donut Burger by Pink Burgers

Lil’ History: Rumored to have been created by singer Luther Vandross when he had run out of Burger Buns.

KUSH by Stephen's Pastrami Burger in Hialeah, Florida


Specialty Burger Type: Pastrami Burger

South Florida Version: KUSH by Stephen’s Johnny Secada Burger

Lil’ History: The origins of the Pastrami Burger are in California, but it’s Utah that embraced this Regional Specialty.

Hate Mondays Tavern Patty Melt in Miami, Florida


Specialty Burger Type: Patty Melt – Burger w/Grilled Onions & Cheese on Rye Bread

South Florida Version: The Patty Melt by Hate Mondays Tavern

Lil’ History: It was created by Tiny Naylor in the late 1940s/early 1950s in California. I’ve got a recipe for one in my A Little Patty Melt History post, by the way.

Root & Bone Cheeseburger with Pimento Cheese & Bacon


Specialty Burger Type: Pimento Cheeseburger

South Florida Version: Root & Bone Burger w/Pimento Cheese & Bacon

Lil’ History: Pimento Cheese is a Southern thing. According to Pimento Cheese expert John T. Edge, South Carolina is a hotbed for Pimento Cheese Burgers, with every 3rd Burger Joint in town having one on their menu. J.C. Reynolds created it in the 1960s.

Fukin Burger in Wynwood has a Guber Burger, but I have yet to try it.

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