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Central Florida is probably my favorite place to drive to when I’m interested in expanding my comfort food horizons. I usually give a call to my bud Droolius who meets up with me at some point but what I love is that it’s not too far of a drive from Orlando to Tampa and there’s a bunch of restaurants I’m dying to eat at.

Andy’s Drive-In Restaurant & Igloo – Winter Haven, Florida

Posted on May 15th, 2014

Whenever I'm in Central Florida I'm always on the lookout for old school restaurants not afraid to be who they are. Andy's Drive-In Restaurant &…

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Antonella’s Pizzeria – Winter Park, Florida

Posted on Mar 3rd, 2016

It's tricky when I'm out and about with my parents on vacation. They and I don't see eye to eye on what exactly to order so sometimes it becomes an…

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B&B Junction – Winter Park, Florida – CLOSED

Posted on Mar 5th, 2013

When I was in Orlando a few weeks back and sitting in my car with my newest prize possessions from Park Ave Cds I flipped through Orlando Weekly. I…

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Buchito – Kissimmee, Florida

Posted on Oct 28th, 2014

My wife Marcela and I met up with my friend Marvin to have a late breakfast at a spot he really likes in downtown Kissimmee, Buchito. It wasn't…

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Burger Monger – Tampa, Florida

Posted on Aug 22nd, 2011

I love cartoon characters and/or mascots from the burger chains' early days. So I always get excited when some never indie joint has decided have…

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C&S Brisket Bus is from Orlando and they’re Amazing! – CLOSED

Posted on Feb 29th, 2012

I've been up to several Food Truck Events in Orlando but I've never run into the C&S Brisket Bus not for lack of trying though. It was inevitable…

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Donuts & Sliders From 24 Hour Donut King In Minneola, Florida

Posted on Apr 9th, 2012

Who would have thought it would have taken driving out to Minneola (just outside of Orlando) to find a place that makes not only crazy good fresh…

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Fat Maggie’s – Lakeland, Florida – CLOSED

Posted on Dec 1st, 2014

I was pretty sure I had written down the address wrong when I was trying to find Fat Maggie's. It turns out that they're around the corner from the…

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Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers – Orlando, Florida

Posted on Apr 4th, 2016

It's easy to choose somewhere to eat when it's just two people. Once you hit the four or more range there's always one dissenter who won't agree to…

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Just Recently There Was A Big Boy In Florida #tbt

Posted on Dec 12th, 2013

I grew up eating at Bob's Big Boy during summers when I visited my grandmother who lived in Glendale, California. I was hoping to recapture some of…

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Kernel Encore – Orlando, Florida

Posted on Feb 15th, 2013

I had driven past Kernel Encore in Orlando a couple of times but it was closed on both occasions. This time I went to hit it up at noon to ensure it…

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La Parada Mexicana Grocery & Taqueria in Apopka, Florida

Posted on Nov 29th, 2011

We were driving in the Orlando area and decided to see where the road would take us. After a bit of this lunacy I was so thirsty. We walked into this…

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Mutt’s on 13th – St. Cloud, Florida

Posted on Oct 6th, 2014

I am not even close to being the antique collector that my wife Marcela is. The real benefit of stopping in all these great little towns across…

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My One Week Visit to Mount Dora, Florida: Restaurants, Food Trucks & All

Posted on Mar 26th, 2013

I just got back from a week long trip to Mount Dora in Central Florida. Never heard of it? If my wife and I didn't hit up Antique Shops we probably…

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Oblivion Taproom – Orlando, Florida

Posted on May 31st, 2012

I had a great feeling about Oblivion Taproom as we're pulling up to it and parking. There's something telling me that this is going to be my kinda…

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Oblivion Taproom, Crooked Spoon, C&S Brisket Bus, That One Spot & Hash House A Gogo AKA 2 Days In Orlando

Posted on Nov 1st, 2013

When someone tells you they're heading to Orlando you instantly assume a theme park visit is the reason. My visits to Orlando revolve around eating…

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Olde Dixie Fried Chicken – Orlando, Florida – CLOSED

Posted on Jun 16th, 2012

"Nice hat!" is what I thought once we parked. Nothing is this joint has been updated in at least 30 years. Olde Dixie Fried Chicken is retro, old…

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Pig Floyd’s Urban Barbakoa – Orlando, Florida

Posted on Sep 11th, 2014

I met Thomas Ward 3 years ago when he opened up one of the original Food Trucks in the Orlando scene, the Treehouse Truck. He's back at it again…

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Sip n’ Dip Donuts – St. Cloud, Florida

Posted on Oct 7th, 2014

A couple of years I came across Sip n' Dip Donuts on the internet and mentioned it to my Donut fiend friend Droolius. Since he lives relatively close…

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Stardust Video & Coffee sparkles in Winter Park, Florida

Posted on Jun 13th, 2012

As I walked into Stardust Video & Coffee one thought crossed my mind, why isn't there someplace like this in South Florida. My 2nd thought…

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That One Spot Burgers – Ocoee, Florida

Posted on Feb 11th, 2013

I arrived at That One Spot Eatery Burgers just a few minutes before opening time. My friend Droolius, who was meeting me here for an early lunch was…

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The Ravenous Pig In Winter Park, Florida

Posted on May 5th, 2011

I couldn't mention I was coming to Orlando without someone asking if I had eaten the Burger at Ravenous Pig. So, of course I found myself at Ravenous…

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Treehouse Truck – Orlando Food Truck

Posted on Jun 20th, 2011

The first time I drove up to Orlando to try the Treehouse Truck at the Daily City's Orlando Food Truck Bazaar it wasn't there. So when May 1st rolled…

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World of Chocolate Museum & Cafe – Orlando, Florida

Posted on Oct 7th, 2014

I almost drove off the road on my way to Q'Kenan when I saw the sign for World of Chocolate Museum & Cafe. Unfortunately, by the time I was done…

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